War Criminal Cheney Honored At The Capital While The World Battles His Co-Creation ISIS

GOP Embrace Cheney

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It is difficult to admit, but Americans have very little to be proud of on the nation’s finest day, and it just gets worse. With over a quarter of American children hungry, a quarter of military families and millions of Veterans on food stamps, and half the population supporting fascists, Americans should hang their collective heads in shame. There is no end to the ways one political movement has so negatively impacted Americans, but also hundreds-of-millions of citizens around the world; particularly in the Middle East. One of the architects of America’s acts of terror (two wars) in the Middle East, a genuine war criminal who should be awaiting  execution at the Hague, is not only walking free, the U.S. Congress just officially honored Dick Cheney into perpetuity with a bust in the Capital.

There are few Americans, save religious Republicans panting to repeat the Bush-Cheney Christian crusade to kill Muslims, that seriously believe Cheney is not guilty of increasing radical Islamic terrorism. It is only because of Cheney and Bush that Republicans are mad to repeat America’s folly when it invaded and occupied two Islamic nations with no part in the Saudi terror attacks on 911 and created ISIS.

Many Americans are of the same mind as many foreign nations that, between ordering the torture and abuse of often innocent Muslims and lying for war profits and regime change, Dick Cheney deserves a prison cell for war crimes next to George W. Bush. As an aside, Cheney and Bush’s gang were convicted in absentia of war crimes, and crimes against humanity, a couple of years ago, but America being the “structurally violent nation” that it is honors its war criminals and immortalizes them in the nation’s Capital even while hotly-debating how to confront the criminals’ radical terrorist creation.

It is too bad none of the attendees at the Cheney honor-fest thought to praise the confessed draft dodger for his part in sending tens-of-thousands American troops to  a war-for-profit that left them either dead or in a state of “permanent incapacitation.” Curiously, none of the Cheney acolytes drew attention to Cheney’s praiseworthy corporate-conservative machination for the corporation (Halliburton) he had a significant and continuing financial interest in to reap the greatest share of American war funding while creating a new radical Islamic terror group.

What is very baffling, is why none of the Republicans thought to praise Cheney’s brilliant warmonger ploy of having an integral part in creating the very entity (ISIL) he has spent the past two years advising Republicans to invade; not unlike America’s relationship with Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.  It is doubtless that Republicans quietly praised Cheney for creating the so-called existential threat to America from radical Islamic terrorism that is nearly the only thing Republicans talk about. Cheney has, like it or not, provided Republican governors, congressional representatives, Fox News, and the group of malcontent hate-mongers seeking the GOP presidential nomination with a popular distraction from their monumental incompetence in every other area. But still, in what kind of sad sick nation does a confessed war criminal like Dick Cheney get honored at the nation’s Capital? A nation that disrupted an entire region, created the Islamic State, slaughtered over 600,000 innocent Muslim civilians, cost the nation over $6 trillion and put American soldiers in harm’s way for religion, oil, and profit.

Few Americans would object to a bust honoring Dick Cheney if it noted his part in creating a more radical form of Islamic terrorism, that he helped al Qaida flourish in a nation it was forbidden to enter, and created conditions for a bloody sectarian civil war in Iraq. When America invaded Iraq, it aided Iraqi Shias purge of Sunni Muslims and Iraqi’s military leaders from Iraq into Syria to grow into a more extreme and dangerous terrorist movement; the dreaded Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL that poses a threat around the world. It was bad enough that the Bush Cheney crew are not imprisoned, but it is truly unspeakable that Dick Cheney was publicly honored, by George W. Bush, while the nation confronts the two war mongers’ creation.

America immortalizing admitted war-criminal Dick Cheney as a heroic or honorable figure is tantamount to Germany elevating Adolf Hitler to hero status and erecting statues to celebrate his accomplishments. The Bush-Cheney atrocities in the Middle East continue plaguing America and the world, and it is just beyond comprehension how even abnormal-brained conservatives can support honoring an unrepentant war criminal like Dick Cheney; regardless he was the vice president.

When some Americans wonder why other nations hate America’s policies, not the country or its people, they should consider that this idea of idolizing war criminals may play well to redneck religious freaks and conservative warmongers, but to civilized human beings it is just another sign that Republicans are sick, twisted cretins that sane Americans are seemingly powerless and unwilling to stop.

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