Black Lawmakers Suggest Action To Remove Antonin Scalia From The Supreme Court

Justice Scalia
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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s racist comments during recent oral arguments have caused some African-American lawmaker to call for a review of his comments and his possible removal from the bench.

During oral arguments on a case challenging the race-based admissions policy of the University of Texas, Justice Scalia said, “There are those who contend that it does not benefit African Americans to get into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-advanced school, a slower-track school, where they do well.”

The Hill reported that members of the Congressional Black Caucus responded strongly with one member of Congress suggesting that Scalia face possible removal from the bench:

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s comments questioning whether some black students should attend “less-advanced” schools drew fierce criticism Thursday from a growing chorus of black lawmakers who said the remarks undermine public confidence in the bench.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) derided Scalia’s remarks as “disgusting, inaccurate and insulting.” He argued the conservative, outspoken justice should recuse himself from the case and suggested the Judicial Conference of the United States should review the comments and consider his removal from the bench.

“He’s expressed a bias or potential bias that will affect the public confidence in the outcome of the case,” he said. “Judges have to have integrity and they need to be independent and not make reckless comments from the bench that cast a shadow on the administration of justice.”

While occupying a seat on the highest court in the land, Justice Scalia insulted and demeaned African-Americans while resorting to a racist stereotype that goes back as far as slavery. Between Donald Trump and Justice Scalia, Republicans are doing an amazing job of painting themselves as the “whites only” party. The views being expressed by prominent conservatives are straight out of the ugliest part of America’s collective soul.

Antonin Scalia should not be hearing the University of Texas case. Scalia does not belong on the Supreme Court. Scalia is a disgrace, and the idea that he should be removed from the bench is one that needs to only be discussed, but actively put into motion.

In other words, Justice Scalia has got to go.

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