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English Petition to Ban Trump Now Stands at 370,000 and Counting

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The Donald’s Woes Mount as Trump Suffers Increased Backlash for Radicalism

The Black Death visited England in June of 1438 and nobody ever wanted it to come back. Today, it is Donald Trump who is the cause of consternation, as the petition to bar him from England has now topped 370,000. The BBC reports that “Chancellor George Osborne criticised Mr Trump’s comments but rejected calls for him to be banned from the UK,” but “Any petition with more than 100,000 signatures is automatically considered for debate in Parliament.”

Yes. They will be debating the presence of Donald Trump in Parliament. I bet that isn’t an outcome The Donald expected when he announced his candidacy.

A counter-petition begun Wednesday has garnered only 9,000 signatures, according to the BBC this morning.

I bet he also didn’t expect these other developments:

  • Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has stripped Mr Trump of his status as a business ambassador for Scotland.
  • Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University has revoked Mr Trump’s honorary degree, which he received in 2010 in recognition of his achievements as an entrepreneur and businessman.
  • One of the Middle East’s largest retail chains, Lifestyle, has withdrawn Donald Trump products from its shelves following his comments.
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Trump was named GlobalScot ambassador in 2006 but now Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, has dropped him, because, as a government spokesperson said, his “recent remarks have shown he is no longer fit to be a business ambassador for Scotland.”

Which shows the Scots are at least twice as civilized as Republicans, 65 percent of whom approve of Trump’s fascism.

Robert Gordon University said, in revoking Trump’s honorary degree,

“We respectfully request that Robert Gordon University strips Donald Trump of the honorary degree it bestowed on him with immediate effect. Why is this important? We feel that Donald Trump’s unrepentant, persistent verbal attacks on various groups of people based on nationality, religion, race and physical abilities are a huge detriment to RGU.”

Oh dear.

And his retail prospects don’t look so good either, as the move by Lifestyle will see his products – like a “table lamp in antique brass with crystal drops” and a decorative box with a “brilliant plume of a peacock…redecorated in gold finish for an exclusive look” – removed from 190 stores in the Middle East, Pakistan, and even Africa.

CEO Sachin Mundhwa told Reuters,

“In light of the recent statements made by the presidential candidate in the U.S. media, we have suspended sale of all products from the Trump Home décor range.”

Oh dear, oh dear.

The Price of Trump’s Ego

These are forms of backlash against Donald Trump’s radicalism – not to put too fine a point upon it, his fascism. This is a sweet irony for his detractors, as he is responsible for a rather more frightening backlash against Muslims in the United States.


ThinkProgress has put together an interactive map to show just how extensive this backlash is (yes, the same backlash Fox News can’t see):

Now you could certainly argue that Donald Trump hasn’t killed hundreds of thousands of people like the Black Death did in England, but Trump Tower residents in Chicago are not only too embarrassed to admit they actually live in Trump Tower, but some of them are worried about a terrorist attack if Trump doesn’t “shut up.”

His 20-foot high vanity name on the building he doesn’t actually own has become a beacon for terrorists. Make America great again? How about we settle for you not getting us killed?

The carefully crafted and nurtured Trump brand has been re-branded as something nobody wants overnight by Trump’s radicalization, and you have to wonder if he will ever recover from the things he has said over the past months. He can claim momentum in the Republican presidential race, but there is a growing momentum in reaction to him as well, and that is one he can control only by toning down his rhetoric, and that seems unlikely.


The hilarious thing is, Trump thinks he should have been Time Magazine’s Person of the Year:

He tweeted his lament that instead of picking the person who plans to ruin America, Time picked the “person who is ruining Germany.”

Sure, he’s popular in South Carolina, but it’s hard to make that sound like an accomplishment; they were the first to secede from the Union, after all. Maybe they can secede again and make him dictator, like Il Duce. We can call him Il Trumpo.

Trump touts his business acumen, but as should be readily apparent, that acumen is nowhere to be found today. Khalaf al-Habtoor, a former Trump business partner in Dubai told Reuters,

“He is really creating war. He’s creating hatred between Muslims and Christians. Muslims have invested hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars [in America], creating jobs for Americans. They can go invest it somewhere else.”

Take that, Mr. Tough Guy. Take that.

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