Republicans Are Trying To Stop Trump By Warning That He Is Ruining Christmas For America

Donald Trump is The Grinch

Republicans are quickly running out of excuses to stop Donald Trump, but their latest attempt is a very Grinchy warning that Trump will ruin Christmas for all Americans.

Politico reported:

Trump’s sustained success, not to mention the rising establishment fears that he is increasingly defining the Republican Party and well-positioned to actually capture its nomination, has rival campaigns and RNC officials headed into the holidays with a sense of rising panic.


“We won’t be taking a holiday break from the campaign this year. It’s going to be bang, bang, bang because we are in a different environment than ever before,” said Rick Wilson, a Florida-based consultant who has been one of Trump’s most vehement critics and is doing work on behalf of Rubio. “Because of the organic nature of Trump’s message, he can’t let it stop. He is great at the earned media game—but, like a shark, if he stops moving, he dies; and so everyone else has to keep moving, too. I think he’ll ruin Christmas for America.”

Donald Trump is apparently ruining Christmas for everyone in America because he is going to force the good people of Iowa and New Hampshire to spend their Christmas week swimming in campaign ads. The latest Republican warning on Trump was the 87,642 attempt by Republicans to turn their primary voters against the billionaire.

There was also an unintended confession within the warning from the Republican consultant. Even the people who are trying to get Republicans elected seem to understand that the GOP’s message is terrible, and their candidates are even worse than the platform. Republicans do seem to understand that forcing voters to listen to their losing positions over Christmas week is a holiday ruining experience for all.

It isn’t just Christmas that Republicans ruin. Judging from the popular votes in five of the last six presidential elections, most voters don’t want to hear from Republicans during any time of the year.

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