5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The CNN Republican Presidential Debate



Donald Trump has no idea how the Internet works, and four other reasons to be glad that you didn’t watch the CNN Republican debate.

1). Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush Get Caught In The Ban Muslims Trap – Jeb Bush attacked Trump and called his proposal to ban all Muslims not serious. Bush pointed out that the people the US needs to be working with in Syria are Muslims. Trump responded to Bush by calling his presidential campaign a failure that nobody cares about. Rubio tried to explain why Republicans can’t ban all Muslims then he attacked Obama. Ted Cruz completely ignored a question about why Trump is wrong by also attacking Obama. Cruz then went on to explain that there are millions of peaceful Muslims in the world and that the US needed to focus on ISIS and al-Qaeda extremists.


2). Trump Wants To Penetrate And Close The Internet To Stop ISIS – When asked what he meant by closing down the Internet to stop ISIS, Donald Trump went on a rambling answer that ended with Republican frontrunner admitting that he wants to “penetrate” the Internet in order to figure out exactly where ISIS is, and he admitting that he is willing to close down part of the Internet to stop ISIS from using it to recruit Americans. Trump’s answer was the cyber version of building a big wall to keep the Mexicans out and banning all Muslims to keep the terrorists out.

3). Ted Cruz vs. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush vs. Donald Trump – Ted Cruz got into a brawl with Marco Rubio over how to deal with ISIS, and Cruz announced his big plan of defeating ISIS by targeting the “bad guys.” As Hillary Clinton and others have pointed out, it is not easy to figure who the “good guys” and the “bad guys” are. Bush and Trump got into it again as Bush called Trump’s proposals crazy. The candidates took turns interrupting each other. Trump questioned Bush’s toughness. Bush questioned Trump’s seriousness. The exchange concluded with Trump saying that Bush’s ideas would never make America great again.

The battle for the Republican nomination is taking shape. Rubio and Cruz are focused on taking out each other while Jeb Bush is clinging to his strategy of looking like the most “presidential” Republican by toppling Trump.

4). Rand Paul Nails Chris Christie With Bridgegate – An old and bitter rivalry was reignited when Rand Paul went there on Chris Christie. Gov. Christie had spent the entire debate touting his executive experience and how trusted that he is in New Jersey. Paul had finally had enough and called out Christie for Bridgegate. Chris Christie is a dead candidate walking. He has had a small run in New Hampshire, but Paul used Bridgegate to make a point about Christie’s temperament. Bridgegate killed Christie as a presidential hopeful, and Rand Paul drove that stake a little deeper just as Christie might have been gaining a tiny bit of momentum.

5).Trump Commits To The Republican Party – When asked by Hugh Hewitt, Trump said that he is willing to give up his threat to run as an Independent if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. Trump said that he loves the Republican Party, and he is committed to the GOP until the end. At least, that is what Trump is saying this week. If he slips in the polls or has the nomination taken away from him, it is sure as the sunrise that Trump will threaten to run as an Independent.