Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Caused 19 Acts of Domestic Terrorism Last Week

It never ceases to amaze reasonable human beings that for a nation that boasts its devotion to equality for all its residents, America is inherently unequal, and unfair, in its treatment of nearly all demographics except white evangelicals and the rich. In fact, it is institutionalized disparity that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is taking advantage of to garner support among Americans who yearn to transform America into what Trump is promising to deliver if he is president; an Aryan Christian society. Trump has certainly had a measure of success in inciting rage and violence against any American outside the “real American” archetype (white Christian), but no matter how violent or how dangerous their actions, they cannot possibly be regarded as domestic terrorists.

According to 18 U.S.C. § 2331, “domestic terrorism involves violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law.” Although that is the official legal definition of domestic terrorism, according to nearly all mainstream media outlets, evangelical conservatives, Republicans, and even federal law enforcement agencies, using the U.S. Code to define domestic terrorism does not apply to white people no matter how violent or dangerous to human life their actions are or how many innocent people they wantonly kill.

However, if an act of violence is committed by a person that claims to be associated with the Islamic faith, then it is must be domestic terrorism. And, Republicans and their media are automatically empowered to incite “real” domestic terrorism toward Muslim adherents, anyone that might appear to be Middle Eastern, or anyplace a Muslim might worship. It is the American way as designed by a political movement founded on hypocrisy, hate, ignorance, and arrogance. It is also wrong and after 63 recorded attacks on mosques in 2015 alone, it is time to call it what it is; domestic terrorism.

It is noteworthy to reiterate, for the 47th time, that anyone committing violent acts against “innocents” is violating Islamic Law. According to the Holy Quran in chapter 17 verse 33, killing innocents is forbidden and considered a very “grave sin against the Holy Quran.” humanity and is punishable by death; unless the aggrieved are forgiving.  A Muslim adherent committing violent acts against innocents does not represent the Islamic faith any more than the Colorado Springs murderer is a “real Christian” that adheres to Jesus Christ’s message of peace, tolerance, and forgiveness.

Still, this is America and despite the rash of mass “violent acts, and acts dangerous to human life, that violate federal or state law” committed by white Christians, only the recent San Bernardino violence is terrorism because the perpetrators were “alleged” Muslims. Tragically, between America’s tendency toward inequality, particularly religious inequality, and increasing incitement to violence by Republicans like Donald Trump and Fox News, that one incident has resulted in 19 different attacks on innocent Muslims in the past week for no other reason than they are not white Christians; or they would be safe.

For example, last Friday some (likely white Christian) person inspired by Fox News and Republican hate-mongers used a Molotov cocktail to firebomb a Mosque in California’s confederate-infested region while Muslims were inside praying, but it was not terrorism. It was also not terrorism when an avowed evangelical Christian marched into a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood and killed 3 and injured 9 to send a “pro-life” message founded, not on the Christian bible, but evangelical hate.  Earlier this year  it was not a terror attack when a white supremacist opened fire at a college in Roseburg Oregon killing 9 and injuring 9 because he was not a Muslim. When another white Christian racist murdered 9 African Americans at their place of worship in South Carolina, it was not an act of terror; because Dylan Roof was a good Confederate hero and not a Muslim.

This idea that only acts of violence committed by a “so-called” Muslim devotee can be labeled as terrorism did not begin this year. In 2012 when another Christian white supremacist killed 7 Sikh adherents, because of their appearance, as they worshipped inside their temple, it was not terrorism any more than another white Christian massacring 20 little children and six of their teacher guardians at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut three years ago yesterday. If America were equal, and conservatives hewed to their wont of getting revenge on a religion for committing acts of domestic terrorism, there would be mass acts of violence against evangelicals and their places of worship like the past week of attacks on Muslims; in part due to hate and fear-mongering by Republicans,  Fox News and particularly the fascist du jour Donald Trump.

As explained here, it is “Islamically unlawful to murder anyone who is innocent of any crime. Hence, if any Muslim kills an innocent person, that Muslim has committed a grave sin, and the action cannot be claimed to have been committed ‘in the name’ of Islam.” Still, whether it is out of ignorance, arrogance, sheer hatred, or being propagandized by Fox News, Republicans, and Donald Trump, an increasing number of Americans automatically see Muslims, no matter how peaceable and tolerant, and see a terrorist. It has led to 19 separate violent attacks on Muslims and their places of worship, and although some law enforcement is investigating them as hate crimes, no-one is willing to call them what everyone but conservatives know they are according to 18 U.S.C. § 2331; acts of domestic terrorism against American citizens because they practice the wrong faith.

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