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Donald Trump Hands Victory To Democrats After Vulgar and Sexist Attack Against Hillary Clinton

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:40 pm

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is all class. All family values class. Republicans are very proud of what they’ve wrought. Why just last night, Mr. Trump was in Grand Rapids, Michigan giving a speech in which he felt the desperate need to attack Hillary Clinton for using a bathroom and then said that she got “schlonged.

Yes, well, cover your ears Little Ones, Mr. Trump is not for family ears. That’s penis. Hillary got penised, so said Mr. Trump, before he launched into a tirade about how disgusting it was that she used the bathroom during Saturday’s debate.

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“Hillary – that’s not a president, everything that’s been involved in Hillary has been losses,” Mr. Trump said, preparing to attack Hillary Clinton no doubt in retaliation for her pointing out that his rhetoric about banning all Muslims is likely helping ISIS recruitment.

But like a child, Donald didn’t have much to attack Clinton with, so he went for neener-neener and a bad word. “She was going to beat Obama! I don’t know who’d be worse, I don’t know, how does it get worse?”

“But she was gonna beat – she was favored to win and she got schlonged! She lost! I mean, she lost.”

Schlong is slang for penis, as noted by Think Progress. I’m not going to touch the concept that to be penised is to lose, I’ll leave that to Trump.

Schlong goes back to the German word “schlange”; i.e., snake. Merriam-Webster says, “slang usually vulgar”, which seems about right for Mr. Trump.

Urban dictionary says, “A penis which is a fairly good length. As opposed to a schlort, or a schledium.”

Having delved into vulgarity of this level, Trump felt it best to pivot to mocking Hillary Clinton for using the bathroom, because being a human being is so “disgusting”:

“Where did she go? ” Trump asked the crowd, referring to Saturday night’s Democratic debate, during which after a break, Clinton was late returning to the stage.

“I know where she went and it’s disgusting I don’t want to talk about it. It’s too disgusting. Don’t say it it’s disgusting,” Trump sneered, repulsed apparently by his own suggestion that Clinton had to use the bathroom. Like humans do, on occasion.

“They gave her every benefit of the doubt and she practically owns ABC,” Trump told his crowd, suggesting that he didn’t actually watch the debates because actually they started without Hillary Clinton.

But Trump isn’t known to verify things before he says them. He’s a busy man, who has time for facts?

The world is pretty disgusted with Donald Trump this morning for being such a sexist pig. But as most women know, this is also the sign of a big loser. See, Trump had nothing else.

Trump had nothing else to attack Clinton over, so he went for her gender and her use of the bathroom, the refuge of a child. Let’s see. The argument is, Trump is recruiting for ISIS versus Clinton uses a bathroom and got penised. Yeah, see, recruiting for ISIS is a real hit, whereas using the bathroom and being schlonged is not.

We note for the record that Trump sees a penis as a weapon of mass destruction, one which attacks women and equates with them losing. Misogynists are typically confused by their own aggressive impulses, so this is no surprise.

Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri wrote, “We are not responding to Trump but everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should.”

As most women know, being reduced to your sexual anatomy (which both attacks do- first schlong and the “disgusting” bathroom reference) is a coward’s way of minimizing a powerful woman. She is nothing because she is nothing more than her genitals. This is pretty much the standard go to of the moron, the idiot, and the loser, and also the child.

This is the sort of attack that has cost Republicans at the polls for years. With Donald Trump, Republican sexism has moved from “legitimate rape” and “binders full of women” to a direct attack on the idea that women are equal to men.

Trump played the final desperate card of the privileged loser, and in the process may have handed Democrats the White House.

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