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Genocidal Tendencies Do Not Make Trump and Putin Christian Champions

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I hate to say this, but when Theodore Shoebat says Trump’s plan to kill ISIL families is a “Biblical solution” and is “exactly what God commands,” he is right. He is 100% right, if you read the Old Testament, where God engages in such activities regularly. As I have pointed out before, ethnic cleansing is sanctified in the Old Testament.

It is also, of course, exactly what the Islamic State is doing to its own enemies. So the solution to defeating the Islamic State is to become the Christianist State, apparently. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and all that bloody-minded nonsense that ends in the death of all one side or the other.

The irony of all this is that according to Shoebat’s logic, “Russian president Vladimir Putin is the leading global champion of Christianity and therefore any politician who opposes Putin or Russia is actually opposing Christianity.” It would have been Christian of us to exterminate the Japanese in the Second World War as well. There were some who wished for that, back in the day, and Shoebat thinks it was a mistake not to listen to them.


Of course, there is the not-so little issue of Jesus, whom Shoebat conveniently ignores. The Old Testament is quite a different testament than the new. Jesus talks about turning the other cheek, for example, as opposed to say, seeking vengeance. Jesus didn’t even call for the hated Romans to be exterminated. Now, granted, he probably thought God would take care of that when he finally took action to bring about the end of the age and elevate Israel to her rightful place.

But that would be God’s doing. Jesus was about getting people ready for God, not killing everybody in God’s name. But Shoebat looks back and skips right over Jesus and his message and goes straight to the fire and brimstone of the Old Testament.

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

“God himself is for that because when He commands His armies to invade the enemy nations, He makes it very clear you kill their families as well. So Trump actually has the most biblical policy in killing the families. I mean, if you want to take out an evil nation, you’ve got to kill the families because if you don’t kill the families, they’re going to produce children and those children wind up being your enemies and you’re just never going to get rid of the problem.”


“Look at the Japanese. America killed like, what, a half a million Japanese? Guess what? The Japs are still causing problems! They’re still causing problems. Yeah, they were peaceful for a few decades here and there, but look, now they want weapons, now they want to become independent from U.S. military influence, now they want their own fighter jet, now they want to start causing problems with China, now they want to commence conflict, now they want to change the history books and make it like America was the bad guy and Japan was the holy nation. Japan is now causing us problems. Why? Because we didn’t finish the job in World War II.”

“When you want to get rid of a problem, you need to get rid of the families as well. It’s a biblical solution.”

The Japanese are still causing problems? We’ve been friends for 50 years. Close allies even. Shoebat can’t see past his own racism. Everything in his worldview is colored by hate and bigotry. It stands to reason his solutions would be as flawed as his worldview then. Shoebat is wrong. Putin is not a Christian champion. Neither is Trump. They are both deeply flawed men with elevated opinions of themselves.


Character flaws do not make heroes of men. You can be a hero despite character flaws, but you have to rise above them. Clearly, neither Putin nor Trump are capable of doing this.

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