Bernie Sanders Uses His Record Setting Fundraising To Aggressively Expand In Nevada


The Bernie Sanders campaign is using their record-setting fundraising to aggressively extend the battlefield for the Democratic nomination into Nevada.

The Sanders campaign has come to Nevada in a big way by running their biographical ad “Real Change” across the state:

Sanders senior adviser Tad Devine said, “Bernie intends to run a full-fledged national campaign beginning in Iowa and New Hampshire and extending into later states across the nation. The campaign’s movement into Nevada with statewide television advertising is a demonstration of Bernie’s potential and strength with voters and our belief that his story and message of American’s rigged economy held in place by a corrupt system of campaign finance will resonate powerfully across the nation.”

Sen. Sanders has not been able to make up any ground on Hillary Clinton in South Carolina, so the campaign is turning their focus to Nevada. Sanders needs to win an early state whose voters are outside of his white progressive. A win with Nevada’s large bloc of Hispanic voters would immediately ease doubts about the Democratic candidate’s national electability.

The Sanders campaign will come down to how he performs in the first four states. Sanders needs to win at least two of the first four contests, and he needs to demonstrate that he can win with the women, African-American, and Hispanic backbone of the Obama coalition.

If Hillary Clinton wins three of the first four states, she will have huge momentum heading into Super Tuesday. If Sanders splits with Clinton, it will change the perception of the Democratic primary.

The Sanders campaign has a similarly sized staff to Clinton in Nevada, but they have opened three more offices in the state. Sanders also has two campaign stops scheduled in the state for December 27 and December 28.

The record-setting grassroots support that Sen. Sanders is receiving is allowing him to compete nationally with former Sec. of State. The millions of $20-$30 donations to Sanders have added up to create a national campaign.

Bernie Sanders is extending the Democratic political battlefield into Nevada.