Don’t Be Fooled By Poll Suggesting Half Of America Would Be Ashamed of a Trump Presidency


donald trump
One always has to take the results of any poll in the proper perspective, especially after the electoral polling debacle in the 2014 midterm elections. Polls right up to the 2014 election consistently showed many failed, insane, and incompetent Republican incumbents losing badly, and yet they still prevailed admirably. Now there are results from a new poll that appear promising but, examined in a realistic perspective are frightening. Although it appears that some Americans are not blatant racists, or evangelical soldiers against the Islamic faith like the people closely aligned with fascist Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate still has significant support.

The gist of the Quinnipiac University poll is that precisely half of Americans are not only “mortified of a Trump presidency,” they would be “embarrassed to have Trump as president.” Maybe in some bizarre universe that is supposed to be good news, but if only half the people find Trump embarrassing and terrifying, it means that the other half of  America does not. The very concept of half of the population not absolutely terrified of having a president openly touting Nazi tactics against American citizens as a cornerstone of domestic policy is itself a terrible commentary on this nation; it is also incomprehensible. Seriously, when all the of world except Russian President Vladimir Putin and radical ISIS leaders think Donald Trump is some kind of monumental American joke, it is damned frightening that half the American population is satisfied that “the Donald” is not too extreme to lead the free world.

Worse yet, almost a quarter of Americans say a “Trump presidency would make them proud” to be Americans again. That statistic alone should inform clueless Americans about the mindset of at least a quarter of the population. It means that one-out-of-four of every Americans’ neighbors actually supports a racist evangelical dictatorship focused on white supremacy the Aryan nation and Ku Klux Klan have fought to create for generations.


The survey shows that 58 percent of Americans know Trump is not honest and not trustworthy, and yet the same number, 58 percent, say they like his strong leadership qualities. The poll revealed that although almost 60 percent think Trump’s leadership is admirable, 57 percent them say he does not care about their needs and problems and 61 percent says his values are not their values. Still, it is the other 40 to 45 percent of the population that should frighten decent Americans senseless if they consider what monumental horrors a much, much smaller minority of the population has already imposed on the nation.

Remember, it is only the richest one to two percent of American that are easily keeping wages low, incomes declining, and all the nation’s wealth flowing directly into their corporate and personal coffers. It is only about 8 percent of Americans keeping sane gun safety measures from being enacted. According to most experts, only 13 percent of Christians claim evangelical fundamentalism and theocracy (Christian right) as their holy crusade, and yet they have wreaked religious havoc on the Constitution, women’s rights, gay rights, public education, and non-Christians’ rights with relative ease and valuable financial assistance from the Koch brothers and Republicans.

Does any sane human believe for a nano-second that 40 to 50 percent of Trump’s acolytes will not assist Trump or another fascist to decimate America and usher in an evangelical Aryan regime, regardless if Trump wins the presidency? If so, those humans had better take stock of what kind of life-changing damage a much smaller, but no less well-funded, percentage of Americans have wrought on nearly every aspect of American society.

Polls can be useful, often depending on how the results are presented. But there is no good news in claiming that the racist and fascist Donald Trump only embarrasses and terrifies half the population. It will also not be any great news if Donald Trump is not the Republican candidate for president or does not win the White House if he is the nominee. No American should delude themselves, or forget for a second, that regardless if Trump is gone, that 40 to 50 percent of the population enamored with, or not bothered by, his racist fascism will remain firmly ensconced in the electorate.

For decent human beings aware that the election of Barack Obama made being a blatant racist very popular and politically profitable, the idea that only half of America is terrified of having a fascist and racist president is likely more frightening than Trump in the White House. Because it means that America’s population is not just ignorant and arrogant, half of them are so racist and hate-filled that they support a genuine fascist to make America into their version of great.