Republicans Crushed As Obamacare Enrollment Nearly Doubles With Young People


The Obama administration announced today that ACA enrollment has increased by 1.8 million over last year, and that enrollment has nearly doubled with young people compared to the same time in 2014.

The Hill reported:

The administration said Tuesday that 8.2 million people have signed up so far, compared to 6.4 million at this point last year.

That includes 2.1 million people under age 35 — nearly double the number of young people enrolled during the same period last year.

Administration officials touting the numbers have pounded home the message that ObamaCare coverage is affordable in explaining the rush of people joining the exchanges.

It is being speculated that more young people are signing up because the penalty for not having health insurance has increased to $695 or 2.5% of gross income. While some healthy younger people have made their decision based on the economy reality that it is cheaper to get health insurance than it would be to pay the penalty, it is likely that as more young people are aging out of being on their parents’ insurance, they are getting coverage of their own.

The ACA will make it possible for future generations not to know the fear and stress that comes with being uninsured.

The last Republican hope for stopping Obamacare has been that young people would not sign up, but the number of young people who signed up has nearly doubled. Americans of all age like having health insurance. Republicans have failed to stop the law, and as more Americans get covered the idea of total repeal is looking more and more like empty campaign rhetoric.

President Obama’s victory on healthcare has been a comprehensive crushing of the Republican opposition that will forever change how future generations view their right to have health insurance. With Obamacare, President Obama has fundamentally transformed America for the better.