Republicans Faceplant As Rand Paul Doubles Down On Trump’s Sexist Attack On Hillary Clinton

Sexism on steroids, y’all!

In case you weren’t sure yet if the Republican party really hates women, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) doubled down on Donald Trump’s vulgar obsession with Clinton’s bathroom breaks, last seen during Trump’s she got “schlonged” rant.

In the middle of charming the mainstream media with his witty airing of grievances against Republican rivals for Festivus (and oh my are they charmed! So witty!), Paul tried to elevate Carly Fiorina to Clinton’s stature by tweeting that she has zero trouble making it back from commercial breaks.

“.@CarlyFiorina has ZERO trouble making it back from commercial breaks @HillaryClinton. Just saying. #Festivus #waronwomensrooms”

Fiorina is the Republican Party’s Obvious Woman Candidate Poster Girl, the one they keep around to attack Hillary Clinton without looking “sexist” in their minds and the one whose existence on the stage is supposed to disprove the war on women, so this should surprise no one.

Just to make sure you get the reference, Rand hashtagged it “waronowmensrooms”. LOL ladies, am I right, mocking the war on women ‘cuz it’s so funny when Rand and his buddies take away your rights over your own body! LOL for days!!

This is all so witty, so equal to the kind of jokes Paul made about the men in his party. An example, “My friend @tedcruz has still not pledged to issue exec order declaring Canadian “bacon” is not real bacon. Makes me suspicious. #Festivus” Yeah. The bathroom tweet is not the same at all.

Now the Republican locker room boys are going to hee-hee it up about women using the bathroom. Apparently real women don’t use the bathroom in Republican land. Republicans are quickly approaching nursery school grade humor, which is not an up.

It’s not just Trump; the Republican Party hates women.

So much so that they not only have spent the last five to six years passing or pushing legislation to turn rape victims into a rapists’ property and pretty much taking away women’s rights over their own body even when raped or dying from a medical problem related to pregnancy, but they also just can’t stop mocking women in general. Turn rape into lemonade and all of those binders full of women.

Somewhere Hillary Clinton is laughing right now, because Republicans have fallen right into their own trap.

Republicans are proving every day that they are not the party for women or anyone who likes women as more than objects to be owned. Juvenile bathroom humor from the woman-haters club isn’t going to stop Hillary Clinton, and it’s not exactly new or even interesting. It’s quite frankly a pathetic “argument” against Clinton, one which avoids grown up things that are actually at issue in the presidential election, because, well, Republicans are avoiding issues like the plague, lest you find out their real positions. So to the bathroom jokes we go!

Hillary Clinton took the high road and refused to acknowledge Trump’s vulgar obsession with her genitalia, leaving the frat boys of the GOP to fall in on themselves one upping Trump.

Proving to everyone that it’s not just Donald Trump who doesn’t get it…

… Which is exactly what the Republican Party does not need. And ironically, Carly Fiorina is supposed to inoculate them from being accused of being the very thing Rand Paul used to her to just made sure you got that they are.

Of course, this inoculation also doesn’t work when you go mean girls and pit one woman against another like a “cat fight”, but that’s an elevated discussion Republicans are clearly not ready for, so we’ll just leave it at mocking women for using the bathroom isn’t a great look.

Thanks, Senator Paul. Keep talking.

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