No Surprise That Donald Trump Is Aiding ISIS and The Ku Klux Klan

It takes a special kind of person to appeal to two seemingly disparate extremist groups simply because their worldview is too dissimilar; unless one can find a common theme that serves and fulfills each organization’s most pressing needs. Of course, it is true that the one common trait among all extremist groups is their dependence on a particularly potent level of hate they can benefit from, and recent events inform there is no country on Earth that appears to harbor more hate than America. It is likely true that there really are some Americans who abhor the Fox and the GOP’s hate speech because they know it incites rage and violence against other Americans, but there is a substantial number of people in America, and the Islamic State (ISIS,  ISIL) who welcome the increasing hate from Republican demi-god Donald Trump’s mouth.  It is not that Trump is unique among Republican hate-mongers, he is not; he is just the typical Republican saying out loud what most GOP and conservative malcontents believe.

It is beyond dispute that Fox News in general, and Donald Trump particularly, are using many Americans’ inherent fear, ignorance, and racial bigotry to ramp up violence and hatred toward an increasing number of demographics; especially American Muslims. In fact, one of the tactics the Islamic State (ISIS et al) openly publicized last February was manipulating America’s powerful fascist element (Republicans) to do their bidding by becoming an American-sector recruiting asset. Always happy to spread hate, Fox News and Donald Trump have dutifully followed ISIS’ instructions to impose “extremely harsh and unbearable conditions” on Muslim Americans to drive them out of the country to join the extremists; after they commit acts of terror as retribution against the American fascists.

Donald Trump must have studied ISIS’ demands carefully because as a bona fide fascist hate-monger, he has dutifully followed their instructions to the letter and incited his hateful acolytes to commit several acts of terror against other American citizens because they choose to worship according to Islam. The beauty of the Islamic faith, even for an avowed secular humanist, is that its devotees refuse to be intimidated into violating their faith and commit violent acts against innocents as a means of retribution for the acts of fascists, or join an extremist group such as ISIS or al-Qaeda claiming to adhere to the Holy Quran. Trump’s success at inciting violence against Muslims is beyond refute and likely ISIS’ leaders secretly, at least, are proud they wield enough influence to control willing American puppets to both incite and do their dirty work.

In Trump’s case, another one of his angry puppets was so enamored with the television celebrity that he said Trump is “a great point man. I’ll follow this man to the end of the world.” Apparently following Trump to the end of the world meant the maniac could do both  ISIS’ and “the Donald’s” dirty work. He was so proud that he boasted about plans to use explosives to kill innocent Muslims. The avid Trump supporter was arrested after police were alerted he was building explosive devices to use against American Muslims. Indeed, police found and detonated devices after evacuating the supporter’s neighborhood in Richmond California. The attacks on Muslims since Trump unleashed a torrent of hatred towards Muslims is certainly making ISIS’s leaders very happy.

Trump’s bigotry is also making the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, movement as happy as the extremists running ISIS. According to the national organizer for the Ku Klux Klan’s standard-bearer, Rachel Pendergraft of the Knights Party, “Donald Trump is the greatest thing to happen to white supremacists;” likely since legalized lynching. Pendergraft said that Trump’s vile rhetoric is “a great outreach tool, providing supremacists with an easy way to start a conversation to jump-start the ‘dying’ white supremacist movement. One of the things that our organization really stresses with our membership is we want them to be able to learn how to open up a conversation with other people.”  Pendergraft related the beauty of having Donald Trump’s image on the front page of newspapers as a conversation starter.

A renowned white supremacist bigot, former Louisiana politician and KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, really likes Trump for all the ‘right’ reasons. The avowed white supremacist said that he considers Trump to be the “best of the lot because a lot of what he says resonates with me.” Another white supremacist, one the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled “the neo-Nazi movement’s favorite academic” hailed Donald Trump as a hero for making white supremacy a popular mainstream issue.

The white nationalist, Kevin MacDonald said Trump helps Americans realize that a “very large number of White people are furious” that America is not an Aryan nation and allows non-whites to exist. MacDonald wrote that Trump represents what white supremacist believe that, “We are living in very exciting times.  A major political candidate is saying things that have been kept out of the mainstream for decades by a corrupt elite consensus on immigration and multiculturalism.”

In a poll released a couple of days ago, about 6 out of 10 Americans said they thought Donald Trump had excellent leadership qualities. However, one can easily argue that any man like Donald Trump that willingly serves the interests of and aids two disparate extremist groups that hate each other is not a leader, he is a puppet; no matter how tough he talks or how much violence he inspires.

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