Democrats Are Setting Donald Trump Up For A Bill Clinton Beat Down

Political amateur Donald Trump is being set up to be taken apart by one of the greatest political minds and communicators in modern presidential history. Trump is about to be taken apart by former President Bill Clinton.

On Saturday night, Donald Trump reacted to the news that Bill Clinton will be hitting the campaign trail for former Sec. of State Clinton by poking the bear:

This exchange between Andrea Mitchell and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on NBC’s Meet The Press dropped a not so subtle hint about what Trump is heading for:


Does it raise questions as to whether there is some risk involved in unleashing Bill Clinton, as popular a figure as he is in the Democratic party. He had his problems in 2008. We saw what happened in that campaign. But Donald Trump is going to raise this issue, as he is warning, of Bill Clinton’s past and sexism. Does that give you any pause as Democratic chair?


I think that Donald Trump or any candidate on the other side of the aisle would raise Bill Clinton as somehow a negative to their peril. I think every poll I’ve ever seen shows that if President Clinton were a candidate tomorrow he’d be reelected. He presided at that time over the longest period of sustained prosperity up to that point. Finished his term very popular and continues to be one of the most admired elected officials, and former elected officials, and men in the world.

Trump is walking into a trap. Donald Trump knows how to manipulate the media, but former President Clinton is a master communicator. Donald Trump has yet to meet anyone on the Republican side with one one-thousandth of the political skill that Bill Clinton possesses.

The Trump supporters have been frothing at the mouth and bringing up old crazy Bill Clinton conspiracies, but the former president will take Trump apart piece by piece if he dares to tangle with him.

Hillary Clinton is more than capable of crushing Trump on her own. She doesn’t need her husband’s assistance in disposing of a loud but empty billionaire. Trump is walking into a Democratic trap. One of the most disliked candidates in the country (Trump) has set himself on a collision course with one of the most popular political figures of the modern era (Bill Clinton).

Bernie Sanders handed Trump his head on a platter earlier today, but the reality television billionaire won’t know what hit him if he tries to take on former President Clinton.