DNC Member Endorses Bernie Sanders In Nevada

Bernie Sanders releases first 2016 TV ad

Democratic National Committee superdelegate and women’s advocate Erin Bilbray endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Nevada today.

“I have spent my entire career working to engage women in the political process,” Bilbray said. “But at this point the biggest threat to American democracy is the dark money from super PACs that are controlling our elections. Government cannot focus on all of the important issues that affect America’s working families when a handful of super wealthy donors, in both parties, have the ability to predetermine who will win the election. Senator Bernie Sanders has denounced all super PACs and will continue to fight for the future of the middle class. As a mother of two young daughters, their future is my priority, which is why I am endorsing Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.”

Sanders’ Nevada state director, Joan Kato accepted the endorsement for the campaign, “Erin Bilbray is a leader in Nevada. She has been an advocate of middle-class working families her whole life, and believes Senator Sanders is the only candidate that can bring the real change necessary to take back our country from the billionaire class and fight for true campaign finance reform. We are excited to have her support.”

Bilbray hosted a luncheon in her home for Sen. Sanders and other women where the issues of equal pay, income inequality, universal health care and college affordability were discussed.

The Sanders campaign is making a definite and defined push for Nevada. The strategy for the Democratic primary is taking shape. Hillary Clinton continues to lead in Iowa, and the Clinton campaign is sending Bill Clinton on a two-day swing through New Hampshire next week. The Clinton campaign appears to be looking for a decisive early series of wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

The Sanders campaign is looking to pull off an upset in Iowa, keep their lead in New Hampshire, and win the Nevada caucus. If Clinton wins three of the first contests, she will be in a great position. Sen. Sanders needs to win early to press the case to Democratic voters that he is electable. If Sanders would split two of the first four contests, the Democratic race may take a different shape.

Sanders has lagged way behind Clinton in superdelegate endorsements, so an endorsement from a DNC superdelegate is big news.

Bernie Sanders appears to be making inroads within the Democratic Party. The primary is closer than anyone expected as Democratic voters are being offered a substantial choice between two very good candidates.