A Cowardly Donald Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton for Being Cheated On

Hillary Clinton 1

Donald Trump is clearly terrified of Bill Clinton, so he did what sexists do and pivoted his attack to Bill Clinton’s wife, who is actually the person he could be running against for the White House. Although really, this would not be much of a race.

Monday from Republican Donald Trump “wth” files, we have scared reality TV “star” Trump warning former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton that if she’s going to unleash Bill Clinton on Trump, she better not play the “women’s card” on him, “If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!”

Bil Clinton’s “women abuse” is actually a record of cheating on his wife with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in 1998.

Donald Trump gets to decide when women can bring up being a woman, y’all! And they do not get to do so if they are married to someone who cheated on them. So there. There is your Republican War on Women in a nutshell, sans their frightening policies. This is the attitude behind their policies.

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump said Clinton got “schlonged” and then mocked her for using a bathroom. Clinton doesn’t get to object to this treatment, because to do so would be to play the “women’s card”, and since her husband cheated on her, well. She has no rights in Donald’s world.

Trump then pivoted his Twitter storm to attack the other Democratic candidate for president, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), because Sanders had the gall to call Trump out for saying wages are too high in this country.

Trump decided that didn’t go over well, so he changed his entire tune on that one this morning after denying ever saying it, even though it’s on video. Twice.

This kind of derp isn’t new to Trump, who spent the holidays dancing with his fear of the Clintons, after he took a grammar school hit at Hillary by contemptuously telling the world that she uses the bathroom. The nerve of Hillary Clinton!

While threatening Hillary Clinton to “be careful!” in all caps like a true troll, Trump claimed to have a “great respect for women”:

Trump decided, in a clearly less than self-reflective moment, that Bill Clinton shouldn’t be allowed to campaign for Hillary Clinton, because you shouldn’t campaign if you’re a sexist:

All of this is to demonstrate that Donald Trump, like most Republicans, hasn’t a clue what sexism is. Sexism is not cheating on your spouse– something that both genders do. Nope. Not even close.

And it’s really quite cruel for Republicans to keep bringing this up. It has no bearing on Hillary Clinton’s policies or positions or even fitness for office. She is not even the person who cheated and it was a long time ago. But no matter – when a male Republican cheats, they tell us God has forgiven them and we are not to ask any questions lest reporters be fired (see David Vitter). But for a woman candidate to be cheated on, well. That’s obviously a problem.

This opens the door to questions about Trump’s faithfulness to his own many wives and his treatment of them, since he feels that a man who isn’t good to his wife shouldn’t campaign and is a sexist. Some of these questions were raised last summer with an ex-wife (Ivana Trump) having claimed that Trump made her feel “violated” during sex, but Democrats don’t need to go here, even though Trump is actually the candidate and not the spouse and thus his treatment of his wives is going to be of interest and is relevant.

But Democrats don’t need to get personal with any Republican because Democrats can afford to discuss their policies with the public. To do so would only distract from the issues and slither into the hopeful mud under which Republicans plan to hide this election season.

Trump isn’t just afraid of Big Dog Bill, he is also afraid of Sanders, in that way that only a truly old school Archie can be. Trump doesn’t see the danger of facing off against Hillary Clinton. He doesn’t see her as a problem at all. He sees her husband as a problem. He seems Bernie Sanders as a problem.

I mean, heck, what could little Hillary Clinton from Illinois do to beat him — Other than being the most admired woman in the world… again?

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is brushing off Trump’s crumbs of misogyny with ease, because she’s had plenty of practice. It’s not as if this is a new game or an original game or even an interesting game. But if Republicans want to campaign on Hillary Clinton being a bad person because her husband cheated on her, they should go right ahead and do that. It makes them look like the knuckle-dragging frat boys they are.