Bernie Sanders Destroys “Pathological Liar” Trump For Lying About His Tax Plan


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ripped Donald Trump apart after the billionaire lied about the Sanders tax plan.

At the same rally where he launched into an ugly attack on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lied about Bernie Sanders’ tax plan.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders hammered Trump:

It appears that Donald Trump, a pathological liar, simply cannot control himself. He lies, lies and lies again. Today, he repeated his lie that I want to raise taxes to 90 percent. Totally untrue. And PolitiFact gave Trump’s same statement last October a ‘Pants-on-Fire’ rating.

What is true is that at a time of massive income and wealth inequality billionaires like Trump should pay their fair share of taxes. Unlike Trump, who wants to give huge tax breaks to his fellow billionaires and large multi-national corporations, what we need is real tax reform which asks the very wealthiest people in this country and large, profitable corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes.

It is absurd that in America today we have multi-national corporations who stash their profits in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens and, in a given year, pay nothing in federal income taxes. It is grossly unfair that there are millionaires in this country who take advantage of all kinds of loopholes and end up paying an effective tax rate lower than a middle-class worker.

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) has clearly had enough of Donald Trump’s endless series of lies. Trump will say or do anything to win the Republican nomination. He has no morals. He is a person of low character and integrity that he is the complete opposite of Bernie Sanders.

The mainstream media and pundits have lumped Trump and Sanders into the same category, but the two candidates couldn’t be more different. Bernie Sanders is a public servant who bases his arguments on facts. Donald Trump is a reality television star who is running a campaign based on hatred, bigotry, and a cult of personality.

Sanders already caused the notoriously thin-skinned Trump to have a Twitter meltdown when he called out the billionaire for repeatedly stating that wages are too high.

Bernie Sanders is making Trump look like a chump which is why the Republican hopeful can’t stop lying about the senator from Vermont.