Constitutional Dunce Scalia Needs To Be In An Asylum, Not SCOTUS

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No-one likes to come to grips with the truth that a significant number of American citizens are not only ignorant about their own government in particular and the natural world in general, they are inherently stupid about practically everything. That is the consensus of various scientific studies researching why conservatives regularly tend towards idiocy and self-defeating actions due to honest-to-dog pathology indicating serious abnormalities in conservatives’ brain development. It is bad enough that conservative imbeciles are allowed to have a voice in the direction of the country, but it is an abomination that a leading conservative imbecile has a voice in setting legal precedents affecting every man, woman, and child in America.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia claims he is a Constitution expert extraordinaire, especially in knowing precisely what the document’s authors’ thought processes, original intent and deep-seated beliefs in crafting the supreme law of the land. However, after giving a speech at a Catholic high school last week in New Orleans, it is beyond refute that not only does Scalia lack a rudimentary understanding of the Constitution, he is obviously lacking even fundamental reading comprehension skills. That being the case, the racist and religious conservative needs to be removed from the bench, psychologically evaluated, and put away in an asylum for the good of the country, the U.S. Constitution, and the American people.


The reasons Scalia needs to put out of the nation’s misery are numerous, but particularly  because he recently claimed there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prohibits the government from legislating, establishing, or favoring religion over non-religion. The moron acknowledged that maybe, just maybe, the Constitution “may not” allow the government to favor one religion over another, but he used his “constitutional bona fides” to claim the First Amendment does not in any way, shape, or form prohibit the government from establishing religion; especially over non-religion.

Since the conservative moron has obviously never read or grasped the meaning of the Constitution, or at least the 1st Amendment, the Establishment Clause part says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Now, what puts into question Scalia’s ability to serve as an assistant to a junior dogcatcher, much less Supreme Court justice, is his inability to comprehend that simple term “establishment of religion.” Not only does the ‘clause‘ “not discuss the dominance of one religion over another,” it plainly forbids the very establishment of any religion. If the Constitution forbids Congress or the government from favoring one religion over another, “it cannot favor religious belief over rationalism without violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment;” the one Scalia claims to know more about than the men who created a very simple to understand prohibition.

Scalia also told captive Catholic school students that it is constitutional for religious Republicans to invoke god in matters of state because “God has been good to America because Americans have honored him.” Now, it is important to note that these extremist evangelical ravings are not the coming from some maniacal televangelist or religious right theocrat; they are from a Supreme Court Justice who unabashedly continues his history of religious extremism and radical constitutional interpretations fantasized by the likes of repugnant revisionist David Barton. However, Scalia may have surpassed charlatans like Barton in an attempt to “establish Christianity

” as the nation’s state religion based on an even more bizarre statement during a 2010 Supreme Court case; one involving a Christian cross on federal government property in violation of the 1st Amendment.

According to Scalia, a dyed-in-the-wool Catholic and reliable Vatican vote on cases establishing Christianity as law of the land, there is no possible way “the Christian cross could ever be construed to represent Christianity.”  It is a statement that over 2.4 billion or so Christians, and the Catholic Pope, would undoubtedly disagree with; but then again in Scalia’s mind Christians and the Pope are not constitutional authorities like Antonin Scalia. Scalia went on to say that a Christian cross is representative of Islam, Judaism and Americans adhering to no religion at all. Of course Scalia must comprehend that the Christian cross is not revered by Muslims or Jews, and that it is an abominable affront to non-believers, but his Vatican standing is founded on using any ungodly justification to establish Christianity as the state religion by Supreme Court fiat; a ploy Scalia and his Papal-cohort have actively pursued over the past five years.

Since 2010, the Vatican-5 on the High Court have deconstructed the religious clauses in the First Amendment in various ways. They legalizedstrictly sectarian (Christian) prayers” at government meetings, gave Republican religious fanatics authority to control women and their reproductive health choices twice, and voted to prohibit the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause from applying to LGBT Americans; all for the sole purpose of establishing American evangelicals’ interpretation of the Christian bible as law of the land.

Any religious fanatic is dangerous regardless of their faith; something Americans see being manifest in Republican state legislatures and Congress. However, a religious fanatic leading four other evangelicals on the Supreme Court has serious implications for the future of this country as a representative democracy. The idea of an arrogant ‘activist judge

‘ like Scalia openly claiming his “constitutional and religious expertise” puts him “in charge of making the Constitution come out ‘right’ all the time” should frighten the life out of all Americans; not just women and gays.

A religious lunatic like Antonin Scalia sitting on the nation’s highest Court is an atrocity to be sure, but it is also extremely dangerous. His self-professed certainty the Constitution does not prohibit government from establishing religion over non-religion is more than adequate justification to impeach him with extreme prejudice and send him straight-jacketed to the nearest insane asylum. A safe place away from civilization where he can spend the rest of his days contemplating the spiritual significance of the Christian cross to atheists, Jews, and Muslims.

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