Martin O’Malley Not Only Praises Obama’s Gun Actions But Calls Them “Critical”

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You’ve already been treated to the hysterical screeches from Republicans over President Obama’s move to stop suspected terrorists from being able to buy a gun legally. But here’s the other side. Democrats like Governor Martin O’Malley, 2016 presidential candidate, are not only praising the executive actions but calling them “critical”.

In response to the President’s proposals to reduce gun violence, O’Malley brought the discussion home by pointing out that every day we do nothing, we lose more lives, “I strongly support President Obama’s executive actions to limit gun violence. These executive actions are critical, because every day we spend debating gun control is a day that we lose lives — and one American life is worth more than all the gun sales in America.”

“One American life is worth ore than all of the gun sales in America.”

Yes. This is an issue where Governor O’Malley shines. He has pushed this issue during debates, and is not afraid to take full aim at the gun lobby. O’Malley promised to take the actions further if he were president, “As President, I will build on President Obama’s progress by taking further executive actions to reform our gun laws.”

If President, O’Malley would take aim at the gun lobby by using the purchasing power of the federal government, “These include using the purchasing power of our federal government — the biggest customer gun companies have — to advance gun safety, banning ‘cop killer’ ammunition, declaring blanket immunity for gun dealers and manufacturers unconstitutional, and ceasing to defend the federal immunity law. I urge my fellow Democratic candidates for President to put forward similarly bold plans to improve gun safety and save lives.”

All of the Democrats running for President in 2016 support gun control laws to varying degrees.

If only we had a Congress full of non-corporate Democrats instead of a Congress full of corporate Koch brother and gun lobby puppets with an R after their names. Our Congress will not take action. The mass murdering of children didn’t compel them to take action, so there is no reason to hope anything other losses could move them and we know they can’t be reasoned with.

Just yesterday Speaker Ryan (R-WI) was hysterically warning President Obama against doing the very thing he is doing, claiming it was unconstitutional to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. But of course, that means Paul Ryan is calling suspected terror suspects law-abiding citizens, which is a very odd argument for a member of the neo-con us versus them party to make.

Martin O’Malley is right, this issue is critical and we can’t wait any longer. We have already waited too long.