The NRA Is So Afraid Of Obama That They Refuse To Participate In Gun Violence Town Hall

The NRA was invited to participate in President Obama’s nationally televised town hall on gun violence, but instead of defending their positions, the NRA declined to participate.

“The National Rifle Association sees no reason to participate in a public relations spectacle organized by the White House,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told CNN, which is moderating the live town hall Thursday evening in Virginia.

So much for the organization’s tough talk about standing up to President Obama. When asked to appear at the same event as the President, the NRA turned yellow and declined. It turns out that the lobbyist for the weapons industry does not want to be placed on the hot seat.

The truth is that the NRA can’t defend their position that expanded background checks equal gun confiscation. The NRA also can’t defend their position that suspected terrorists should be allowed to legally buy guns. The NRA talks a big game, but when they had the chance to appear on national television with the president, they refused.

The NRA is making it clear that they have no interest in being a part of any solution to gun violence. Gun violence is good for their business. The NRA is afraid of this president. He has stood up to them in ways that no president has in a generation. If the NRA is correct that most Americans support their position on the Second Amendment, why wouldn’t they go on national television with the President?
Most Americans don’t support the NRA’s views. Polling done in 2013 found that between 74% and 85% of NRA households supported requiring background checks for all gun sales.

The NRA has shown their cowardice. As President Obama said during his speech on his executive actions yesterday, “The gun lobby may hold Congress hostage, but they can not hold America hostage.”

It turns out the hostage takers aren’t brave enough to look the American people in the eye and explain why they support enabling mass shooters and violent criminals.