Donald Trump boring New Hampshire

Donald Trump Blows A Gasket And Throws Man Out Of Rally For Calling Him Boring

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:42 pm

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Donald Trump boring New Hampshire

While campaigning in New Hampshire, Donald Trump had a man removed from his event after he stood up and called Trump boring.


During a campaign event in Windham, NH, a man stood up and said, “This is boring! This is boring! Tell some jokes.”

Trump responded with a thin skinned fit, “Get him out of here, Get out of here, go ahead. Out, out, out, out, get out. He wants jokes, [but] there’s nothing funny about this. This is so serious. He’s got a very serious problem. I saw that when I came in. He says, he loves me. ‘I love you; you’re the greatest’ — no. Get him out of here.”

The exchange with the heckler illuminates the problem with Donald Trump and his campaign. It has long been suspected that the celebrity factor is the main reason that Trump is drawing so much attention. Trump is drawing crowds who expect to be entertained. Donald Trump is not a candidate who is running on policies and ideas. Trump is running on personality and celebrity. Some in the crowds are showing up to see The Apprentice star insult people and be funny. Things get ugly fast when Donald Trump doesn’t entertain.

Another issue that Donald Trump presents for Republicans is that he is boring. His campaign rallies tend to be an unfocused long winded messes where Trump takes the stage and rants about whatever pops into his head. He does work in a few basic talking points, but the actual substance of Trump rallies is some pretty boring stuff.

The exchange with the heckler also revealed Donald Trump’s thin skin. Trump can’t take criticism, and when someone dares to stand up and criticize him, he throws a fit. Trump’s idea of handling dissent is to kick the person out. The entitled billionaire believes his hype and can’t handle being told no.

If Republican voters wake up and realize that beneath the bluster is a total bore, Donald Trump will be finished as a presidential candidate.

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