Nikki Haley to Deliver GOP Response to Obama’s Last State of the Union

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan apparently has no respect for your intelligence at all, America. He says that Nikki Haley is going to deliver GOP response to Obama’s last State of the Union address. “If You Want to Hear an Inclusive Leader . . . It’s Nikki Haley.”

When you can breathe again, please continue reading. Apologies if you were in mid-swallow. Let’s try this again:

Appearing on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Ryan claimed “If you want to hear an inclusive leader who’s visionary, who’s got a path for the future, who’s brought people together, who’s unified: it’s Nikki Haley.” You have to wonder if Ryan got hold of some bad acid, because now he’s not even speaking English.

“If you want to hear an inclusive leader who’s visionary, who’s got a path for the future, who’s brought people together, who’s unified: it’s Nikki Haley.” “Look, I’m really excited about this. If you want to hear an inclusive leader who’s visionary, who’s got a path for the future, who’s brought people together, who’s unified: it’s Nikki Haley. That’s who we’re going to hear from tomorrow night. So I think she’s the perfect person for it. I had a hand in selecting her. I did this speech in 2011, so believe me, I understand the stakes can be high for a person doing this speech. I think she’s a natural…At the end of the day, we just said, ‘be yourself, communicate to the country, represent our party as well as you have been and you’ll be just fine.’ I think she’s going to do great.”

I bet you had a hand in selecting her. Look, I get all Republicans have left is political theater, like voting to repeal Obamacare a hundred million times, but Nikki Haley can’t hold Obama’s jockstrap. What makes the woman Ann Coulter called an “ignorant immigrant” for not knowing the Confederate battle flag racists love so much was not the flag of the Confederate States of America, fit to respond to one of the greatest presidents of modern history?

This is the same Nikki Haley who loves life so much she has denied healthcare to South Carolinians, who is so inclusive that she spent $127,000 in taxpayer money to take a trip to Paris and enjoy five star hotels, drinks at the Ritz and a chalet at the Paris Air Show on your dime. Her vacation, your money! That’s inclusive!

Oh, and then she called the journalist who uncovered her little excursion “little girl” while pretending she was somehow creating jobs while enjoying the lap of luxury in The City of Light.

In fact, so inclusive is Haley’s South Carolina that it has the lowest percentage of women in its legislature of any state in the union. Amazeballs!

Well, she’s certainly the one to spew a bunch of GOP lies in response to the president’s final State of the Union address, isn’t she? You can’t get more phony that South Carolina’s Nikki Haley. Well, except for Paul Ryan himself. But he is right: he does know how to pick them.

Of course, this announcement was followed by the usual pack of lies:

“We should be measuring ourselves against our potential.” “I believe that our economy is extremely weak. I believe that the world is on fire. Our national security is terrible. I think our economy needs to do a lot better and I don’t think the president has brought us in the right direction. I think he’s put us on a dangerous path and we need to get on the other path. So, yeah, I think the state of the economy and the state of our foreign affairs is terrible right now and people are really worried about national security. So, no, I don’t think we’re nearly as healthy as we can and should be. . . . We should be measuring ourselves against our potential and we’re so far from it. Flat wages, 46 million people living in poverty, a debt crisis still on the horizon—that is not what I would call a roadmap for upward mobility and economic growth for America. So we can do a whole lot better, not to mention the fact that our foreign policy is in absolute shambles. And that’s why people are really worried and anxious about their own personal security.”

It’s clear Ryan is being intentionally ignorant here. We’re back to where we were BEFORE Bush destroyed the economy. Yet this clown is campaigning against Bush in 2008 with this drivel. It’s absurd. And this from the guy who runs the House for the people who are doing this to America. And he’s acting like our champion. I tell ya, it’s not Obama who is the Antichrist.

And what Republican interview would be complete without lies about the Islamic State and the threat it poses. Why just a few days ago they took over a government building in Oregon! Right?

“We’re waiting for the president to show us a plan for how he intends to defeat ISIS.” “The Commander-in-Chief is responsible for waging war. The Commander-in-Chief is responsible for executing foreign policy. We passed a bill about two months ago requiring that the president bring to Congress a plan to defeat ISIS. Then, accompanying that, one would think that’s where such a declaration would occur—an authorization to use force. We have no heard anything from the president on that. So while we debate the best way to authorize the use of force, we’re waiting for the president to show us a plan for how he intends to defeat ISIS because his containment policy hasn’t worked. He’s failed. The other point I’d say is the president did send an authorization to use force last year to Congress, but he did it such a way to tie the hands of the next president. So we’re not going to sit around and allow this president to constrain and handcuff the next president, whoever that person is going to be, from doing what is necessary to keep the country safe. So if he’s asking for that, we’re not going to give that to him. But if he’s going to give us a plan to actually defeat ISIS then we clearly will work with him on that because that’s our objective.”

Look, get set for a bunch of lies tonight in response to the facts dished out by the president. Ryan and his cronies can’t respond with facts, because then they’d be Democrats. It’s really that simple. And the contrast could not be starker than that which you will see this evening.