Instead Of Calling For War Against American ISIS, Republicans Join Bundy Insurgency

When Republicans learned that George W. Bush’s creation ISIS had stormed and taken over federal buildings and property in Iraq, they immediately called for a substantial American military intervention to “exterminate” the insurgency. When peaceful unarmed African Americans stood in protest on their own property and in their own city, Republicans called for a heavily-armed military response to violate Ferguson residents’ constitutional rights.

However, when white heavily-armed Mormons acting on behalf of the Koch brothers launch an armed crusade to take over government land and buildings, instead of calling for a robust military response, Republicans are lining up in support of the insurgency because it is waging war against “America’s federal government.”

When Ammon Bundy’s Mormon daddy, Cliven, summoned armed militias to join a seditious confrontation against federal law enforcement officials executing two federal court orders, Nevada Republicans rushed to defend the enemies of state as heroic American patriots; in spite of their intent to “start the 2nd American revolution.” Over the weekend, one of the same Nevada Republicans, a truly seditious piece of work called Michele Fiore (4th District), announced that “Everyone knows I’m a supporter of the Bundy family, our relationship is pretty well documented.”

Fiore also announced that while she was giving the anti-government insurgents her undivided support by phone, another Republican from Oregon, one Dallas Heard, met in person with the criminals to, as Fiore said, “demonstrate that Republicans lean heavily on the side of American citizens against our federal government.” It is likely that most Americans consider anyone waging war “against our federal government” traitors and enemies of state, but in Republicans’ minds they are good American patriots. Fiore would not reveal what the Republicans and insurgents discussed because “it was not an open meeting and I’m not talking about it at this time.” However, Fiore did not hesitate to beckon more Republicans to join the armed insurgents in the Koch-Mormon war “against our federal government.”

Oregon Republican Heard was joined by several other Republican representatives from several other states, but citing the closed meeting Fiore declined to name the traitors. Last year, Fiore sponsored an ALEC and Koch brother “land seizure” legislation known as the “Bundy Bill” to put an end to the federal government owning land the Kochs and their Mormon allies claim is an act of war against American citizens everywhere. Now, it is beating a dead horse, but if any part of the government, whether local, county, state or federal had held the Bundy traitors accountable for obvious “seditious acts against the United States government,” it is unlikely another Bundy Mormon would be at war with America.

According to a report by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and multiple law enforcement officers, the Republican lawmakers were warned not to meet with the armed insurgents illegally occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge; they were worried it would undermine efforts to bring the event to a peaceful conclusion. However, according to a very close Bundy ally, LaVoy Finicum,  the Republican politicians did “speak with the FBI, and the sheriff, and the judge before they came here and said pressure was put on them not to come here, not to have this dialogue with us. So shame on whoever did that.”

Odd that it is considered shameful for law enforcement and a sitting member of the judicial system to advise Republican elected officials not to conspire with armed criminals, but not so strange that the Republicans could not resist collaborating with armed insurgents against the United States government; what many Americans and the U.S. Code regard as shameful, traitorous and seditious.

Shame at providing aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States is an alien concept at best for Republicans. In fact, Republicans do consider law enforcement and a judge discouraging elected Republicans from aiding and abetting armed criminals so shameful that it prompted traitor Fiore to summon other Republican officials to “provide aid and join the militants’ cause.”

Fiore said, “We just need to get more elected officials from the sheriff’s office on up protecting citizens. I stand for our citizens and they need help from elected officials.” It should be stunning, but it is not even surprising that Republicans are summoning other Republican elected officials to aid armed criminals in their seditious act against, as Fiore and the insurgency readily admit, the United States of America.

What is also shameful is that the U.S. Fish and  Wildlife Service could only “condemn” the armed militants for stealing federal government  heavy machinery to remove fences to keep cattle off of protected federal refuge land. Bundy released a video showing the illegal action the USFWS called “additional unlawful actions of trespassing and destroying federal property.”

Mormon Bundy disagreed with the law like his Mormon daddy did nearly two years ago and said his insurgency would continue using stolen federal machinery to tear down all the fences protecting the federal refuge land and “get those ranchers back to ranching on ‘their’ range.” Except it is not “their range” in Oregon any more than it was Cliven Bundy’s ‘range‘ in Nevada. It is federal government property that Koch-Mormons believe belongs to the corporate mining, logging, and oil industry and like ISIS in Syria and Iraq, they are seizing land and property with a growing armed insurgency. Now they have the ardent support of Republican Party traitors inciting them to more action; action that is not going to end anytime soon.

Bundy said that the insurgency has no intention to call off their invasion, sedition or occupation until they and their Republican conspirators force the federal government to cede all federal land to Republicans; exactly like Utah Mormons demanded since the first Bundy standoff.

The insurgency is also taking a page out of al Qaeda and ISIS playbook and will not end their armed insurrection against America until two criminal ranchers who confessed to arson on federal land are released from prison. It is a condition that Republicans like Fiore and her fellow traitors support as part of the official demonstration that Republicans care deeply about and “lean heavily on the side of armed citizens fighting against our American government.”

Republicans are pathetically un-American on their best day, but actively supporting an armed insurgency against the United States is beyond even being anti-American, they are plainly guilty of sedition and treason against the government of the United States and thus enemies of the state. They all, insurgents and Republican elected officials alike deserve exactly what bloodthirsty Republicans call for against ISIS; bold military intervention with all options on the table.

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