Obama’s State Of The Union Dominance Leaves Trump Whining And Whimpering To Fox News


A weak and broken Donald Trump could only whine and whimper to Fox News after the rationale for his entire campaign was destroyed by President Obama at the State Of The Union.


Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy said that Obama doesn’t seem to like Trump. The Republican front runner replied, “I would say that’s probably true. He probably does not. You know, not very important to me, but I would say he probably doesn’t.”

Trump also accused Obama of not talking about Muslim terrorism, even though a large segment of Obama’s SOTU was devoted to talking about defeating terrorism and ISIS.

The billionaire who wants not to allow Muslims into the US, deport 11 million immigrants, and build a giant wall along the Southern border accused President Obama of living in a fantasy land, “He doesn’t want to talk about what’s going on in the world. The real facts that are going on in the world. He’s living in a fantasy land. This man is living in a fantasy land. So you know, you mention that, again, he didn’t mention my name, and perhaps he was talking about somebody else, but some people think he was talking about me.”

Democrats have figured out how to beat Trump. During the State Of The Union, President Obama destroyed the basis for Trump’s presidential campaign. Donald Trump can’t figure out how to reply because Obama never mentioned his name. Hillary Clinton went on Face The Nation and ripped the heart out of Trump’s attacks on Bill Clinton. Former Sec. Clinton never mentioned Trump by name, and the billionaire has not been able to reply effectively.

Donald Trump lacks the ability to shift the conversation in policy terms. Trump only understands personal attacks and smears. Unlike his fellow Republican presidential candidates, the Democrats refuse to be baited into a battle of personal attacks.

The Fox and Friends interview demonstrated that Trump doesn’t know how to reply when he is not addressed by name. Trump knows how to manipulate the media and fight tabloid battles. He is clueless when it comes to shifting the political dialogue.

Trump sounded tired and like a man who is running out of steam during his call with Fox and Friends. He may be able to win the Republican nomination, but evidence is growing that the Democratic nominee will eat Trump alive if he is the GOP’s nominee.