Ted Cruz Destroys Donald Trump On The Birther Question At Fox Business GOP Debate

trump cruz birther Fox Business debate

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump threw down over the birther question. Cruz was ready for Trump and blew him up by pointing out that by his own standard, Donald Trump wouldn’t be eligible to run for president because his mother was born in Scotland.


Cruz got a question about Trump’s birther claims. Sen. Cruz pointed out that Trump said his lawyers examined Cruz’s citizenship, and it is a non-issue. Cruz delivered the line of the night, “Since September, the Constitution hasn’t changed, but the poll numbers have.” Cruz said that the birther theories that Trump has been relying on require two parents to be born on US soil, which means that Trump would be disqualified because his mother was born in Scotland.

Trump responded by saying that he is leading in the last three polls in Iowa, and the Cruz is going down. Trump cited Lawrence Tribe and other constitutional attornies who say Cruz can’t run. Trump said that he already knows that the Democrats will be filing a lawsuit about Cruz’s citizenship. Trump said, “There is a big overhang. A big question mark on your head. You can’t do that to the party.” Trump said that you had to have certainty.

Cruz responded that he has defended the Constitution in the Supreme Court and that this lawsuit has zero chance of succeeding. Cruz said that Trump is parroting attack lines from Hillary Clinton.

Sen. Cruz has proven to be the only other Republican candidate to toe to toe with Trump.

The Republican establishment should be very afraid because the only person that stand up to Trump on the GOP side is Ted Cruz.