Un-American Republican Debate Audience Boos Democracy At Fox Business GOP Debate

republican fox business debate

Here’s how out of step Republicans are. At the Fox Business South Carolina Republican (JV) presidential debate, the audience actually booed the fact that a majority of Americans support expanding background checks.

The debate itself has been the worst of all of the early Republican debates. As bad as the candidates on stage are, the crowd is even worse.



Republicans are so out of touch with the rest of the country that instead of thinking about how they could change minds and get the majority on their side, the GOP boos and sticks with their unpopular extremist position. The problem with the current Republican Party is perfectly summed up in the clip above.

The Republican Party wants things to be their way or no way at all.

Republicans booed democracy itself because the majority of the country doesn’t agree with them that anybody should be allowed to easily buy a gun.

With each debate, the Republican Party demonstrates why they should not be trusted to govern.