5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The Fox Business Republican Debate

fox business republican debate`

Marco Rubio goes all tin foil hat on Obama and guns and four other reasons to be glad that you didn’t watch the Fox Business Debate.

1). Republicans Get Delusional And Say That America Was Better Off Under Bush Than Obama

The Republican candidates were asked if they agree with President Obama that the country is better off now than before he took office. Chris Christie called the idea that things are better under Obama story time, but it was Jeb Bush who took the Republican detachment from reality to new lows by that America was better off under his failure brother. None of the Republicans mentioned the economy. They all focused on foreign policy because their party crashed the economy that President Obama rebuilt and has been growing at a record pace.

2). Cruz and Trump Get Into A Birther Throw Down

Cruz got a question about Trump’s birther claims. Cruz delivered the line of the night, “The Constitution hasn’t changed since September, but the poll numbers have.” Cruz said that the birther theories that Trump has been relying on require two parents to be born on US soil, which means that Trump would be disqualified because his mother was born in Scotland.

Trump responded by saying that he is leading in the last three polls in Iowa, and the Cruz is going down. Trump cited Lawrence Tribe and other constitutional attornies who say Cruz can’t run. Trump said that he already knows that the Democrats will be filing a lawsuit about Cruz’s citizenship. Trump said, “There is a big overhang. A big question mark on your head. You can’t do that to the party.” Trump said that you have to have certainty.

Cruz responded that he has defended the Constitution in the Supreme Court and that this lawsuit has zero chance of succeeding. Cruz said that Trump is parroting attack lines from Hillary Clinton.

3). Marco Rubio Is Certain That Obama Wants To Take Away Everyone’s Guns

Marco Rubio wasn’t doing much in the Republican debate, so he went full blown crazy man by claiming that he is certain that President Obama wants to take away everyone’s guns. He also said that he is certain that Obama wants to get rid of the Second Amendment. Rubio claimed that no criminals buy their guns at gun shows. Rubio also said that the last line of defense between the United States of America and ISIS might be an individual with a gun.

His rant was a clear pander to the gun crowd. Rubio even went so far as to bring up Obama’s 2008 cling to their guns remark on the campaign trail. Rubio’s answer provided a great deal of insight into why Obama can’t work with the Republicans in Congress. Rubio couldn’t point to a single gun that Obama has taken away, but reality doesn’t matter because Sen. Rubio needed to scare up some primary votes.

4). Chris Christie Promises To Kick Obama Out Of The White House

Chris Christie continues to run against President Obama. At one point during the debate, Christie promised to kick Obama out of the White House if he wins the presidency. The problem is that President Obama will be out of the White House anyway because his second term is ending after 2016. Of all the crazy rhetoric that was heard during the Fox Business debate, the idea that Chris Christie is going to win an election against President Obama this fall was flat out insane.

Christie still believes that it is 2012, and while Obama bashing is good for a cheap applause line, even Republicans know that Obama won’t be on the ballot this fall.

5). Ben Carson Defends Rich People And Calls Government Evil

Ben Carson got some airtime during the economic portion of the debate, and went on crazy ramble about laundry detergent and supposedly the economy. Carson summed up why the Republican Party is the party of the one percent when he claimed that Democrats blame rich people for everything, but the problem is that the government is evil.

Carson disclosed who the Republican Party is only interested in serving, and it isn’t ordinary Americans.