Robert Reich Annihilates Paul Ryan’s Goals in New Video

In an email to MoveOn members, Robert Reich lays out in stark detail the problem with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plans for America, introducing his new video, suitably titled Beware Paul Ryan.

This is what Reich has to say:

House Speaker Paul Ryan is a font of terrible ideas, and he’s hell-bent on using them to embolden conservatives and influence Republican presidential candidates.1

In Beware Paul Ryan, my latest video with MoveOn, I lay out seven of Speaker Ryan’s most dangerous notions and the path our nation should take instead.

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Reich stresses the importance of keeping an eye on Ryan:

“Please watch and share this two-minute video now so we can all keep a wary eye on the ultra-ambitious Ryan as he angles to lead Congress—and our country—deeper down the rabbit hole of right-wing policies.”2

As he adds on Facebook,

“If you watched the President’s State of the Union Address, you saw Paul Ryan sitting just behind him. He’s the new Speaker of the House. Now that he’s beginning his reign, what are Ryan’s goals? Watch our video to find out — and be warned.”

In his video, Reich explains why:

Robert Reich has a warning about the new Speaker Paul Ryan.

Posted by on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Paul Ryan has shown himself to be a John Boehner clone with a more camera-friendly face. He spouts the same tired lies of the last decade, and has continued Boehner’s practice of pursuing meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare, hiding from reality while accusing Obama of being myopic.

Like Boehner, Ryan is a propagator of Republican propaganda, and his schemes, as Reich shows here, will hurt most Americans rather than help them.


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