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White Supremacists Think Trump Will Save them From Fantasy Oppression

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:42 pm

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WND’s Joseph Farah and Illana Mercer

Not only do white supremacists think Donald Trump will save them from a fantasy oppression, but that he will lead them to some fantasy future where that oppression doesn’t exist, even though it already doesn’t exist. Maybe they will take the men’s rights clowns with them on this incredible journey.

It’s just a shame for the rest of us that the terminus of that trip is not some distant star.

On Friday, World Net Daily columnist Ilana Mercer wrote that white folks are being oppressed by the “federal aggression” and immigrants who “have the run of your schools, hospitals, libraries, parks and workplace” and that Trump is giving a much needed voice to the “invisible, white army.”

Because, you know, “I would imagine ranchers Hammond and Bundy are eager to hear from the one candidate who has not called them terrorists.”

Oh, you mean the guy who is stupid enough to think they are NOT terrorists? On the contrary, most Republican candidates support the domestic terrorists currently active in Oregon.

According to Mercer,

The central conceit that currently defines media’s self-serving surmises is that the Trump Revolution is confined to the right and is thus self-limiting. While the right is always more courageous in bucking sclerotic authority, the Trump Revolution isn’t exclusively Republican or rightist.

I get the distinct impression that this Revolution encompasses left and right; Democrats, Republicans and Independents. As The Atlantic magazine cautioned, the polls are underestimating Trump’s support. The slow kids of media have yet to discover the flaws inherent in survey methodology. Subjects are more likely to reply truthfully in anonymous, online surveys than in face-to-face or telephonic questionnaires. As if to confirm that Trumpites are coming out of the closet, a Jan. 13, YouGov.com poll, courtesy of the Washington Examiner, catapulted Mr. Trump to near 50 percent.

I’m shocked to hear that we Democrats are feeling the siren call of Donald Trump. Mercer can delude herself all she wants – until Trump gets elected it’s a free country after all – but I don’t know any Democrats who find anything at all appealing in Donald Trump. In her mind, whiteness trumps all, if you’ll pardon the pun:

Trump’s meteoric ascent. Trump’s supporters are disenfranchised whites, left, right and center (or in an ideological no-man’s land). The silent majority that dare not speak its name – other than to flagellate for collective sins and perceived privilege – is still the largest demographic bloc in the U.S.

Disenfranchised whites? Racists and white supremacists are not disenfranchised. They just want to disenfranchise everyone else. There is a difference, a powerful difference.

In Mercer’s fantasy world, white people are invisible:

If you’re working-class and white, you’re invisible. You have been for decades. You used to be the backbone of the economy. No more. You’re still the backbone of the U.S. military, more likely to die in the service of The State in far-flung countries.

Your love of country is sanctioned provided it is confined to dying in the wars launched by Rome-on-the-Potomac. You may find belonging only by risking your life abroad in the service of strangers, or opening your home to them, stateside. If you survive the combat-to-coffin career path, your love of community will need to encompass a million immigrants, each and every year, who’ll have the run of your schools, hospitals, libraries, parks and workplace. Destined to fight against subsistence farmers in foreign lands, you find yourself harassed on your homesteaded land, at home, never free from federal aggression.

This is interesting. According to a 2012 Department of Defense report, though the majority (70 percent) of active duty personnel of all branches are white, whites make up 78% of the U.S. population, meaning there aren’t as many white folks in the military as there should be, if we’re pulling our weight (even the reserves are only 75.5 percent white).

I guess Mercer expects minorities to fight and die for white folks, you know, like they’re supposed to. Interestingly, if surprisingly in a country where whites are supposedly “invisible,” whites did, at the time of this report, represent 77.8 percent of the officer corps.

Black lives matter? she asks. “Politically, at least, white lives are forfeit.”

It is difficult to understand how this could be true when the right to vote of white folks isn’t under attack, but minority voting rights are.

Mercer is no different than the vast majority of Republicans, living in a fantasy America bereft of any association with our shared reality. Some live there because they were brought up that way and it doesn’t occur to them that to the extent they are invisible at all, it is through their own choice, locking themselves into the Fox News reality bubble.

Others can only plead willful ignorance. There is no excuse given today’s ready access to facts, including official government reports, for anyone claiming white folks are invisible and persecuted.

More than any other demographic, white people have choices in America. Improving things for other Americans, giving them an equal choice, doesn’t mean less choice for white people.

Mercer, like other Trump fanboys and fangirls, cries about “white lives” mattering, but white lives have always mattered. It is the lives of minorities, not whites, that are forfeit, and not only politically.

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