Democrats Put Republicans To Shame With The Best Debate Of The Year On NBC


In contrast to the mess that was the latest Republican debate on Fox Business, Democrats have staged a great issue filled debate on NBC.

The NBC Democratic debate has been loaded with substance and importance. Republicans recently staged a two and half hour debate that showcased the petty emptiness of their party. In contrast, the Democratic candidates have not only discussed issues in detail, but they have debated the future direction of the country.

There are no reality television stars at the Democratic debate, but there are three candidates on the stage who know what they are talking about. There are no nasty personal insults, but there has been a serious discussion of critical issues like healthcare, creating jobs, criminal justice reform, and combating terrorism.

The Democratic Party is demonstrating why they are the grown up party. Any of the three Democratic candidates would make a better president than the circus on the Republican side. What stands out the most when the two recent presidential debates are contrasted is how devoid of ideas the Republican Party is. Republicans desperately want to win the White House, so that they can return the country to the policies of the Bush administration.

Democrats are offering an intelligent, policy-driven, and thoughtful debate that is talking about the issues that matter most to regular Americans. Donald Trump is campaigning on a promise to “make America great again,” but the Democratic candidates are showing why America is already great.

Even Chuck Todd was impressed and proclaimed at the mid-point that the Democratic debate was living up to the hype. Democrats are delivering a great debate that is putting the Republican Party to shame.