Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Get Even With Fox By Going On Every Other Sunday Show

sanders enough of the emails

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sent a strong message to Fox News by appearing on every other Sunday show, but Fox News Sunday.

Clinton and Sanders each did separate interviews for CNN’s State Of The Union, NBC’s Meet The Press, CBS’s Face The Nation, and ABC’s This Week. The one show that was missing off of the list was Fox News Sunday.

The top two Democratic candidates ignored Fox News, because of years of bias and bashing. Clinton and Sanders are following the same strategy that the Obama administration uses of freezing out Fox News from exclusive Sunday interviews.

In May of 2015, Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace complained on the air about the Obama administration excluding Fox from exclusive Sunday morning interviews, “We wanted to ask Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson about the terror threat while the White House put him on another Sunday show. They declined to make him available to Fox viewers. The White House has made a number of guests available to other networks this year while excluding us and you. We did get to interview Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and DHS Secretary Johnson once this year, but only when they appeared on all five networks.”

The Democratic Party has finally wised up. They aren’t going to get a fair hearing on Fox or Fox News Sunday. It would have been a waste of time for Clinton and/or Sanders to go on Fox News Sunday, because those voters aren’t likely to watch the Democratic debate. Decades of biased media coverage is finally coming back to haunt Fox News.

Instead of getting interviews with the top two Democratic candidates, Fox News Sunday interviewed Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz who lied and smeared President Obama with an accusation that Obama released terrorists in order to get 4 Americans freed from Iran. Democrats aren’t going to give Fox News Sunday access to their news makers.

Fox News is finally paying the price for their lies, as the top two Democratic candidates said yes to everyone else, and no to Fox News Sunday.