White House Gets A Win A Supreme Court Will Hear Obama Immigration Executive Action Case


The Supreme Court’s decision to hear the federal case on President Obama’s immigration executive actions was a huge win for the White House that has been cheered nationwide by immigration activists.


The New York Times reported:

The administration, fearing that the program could remain frozen through the balance of Mr. Obama’s presidency, had asked the court to move quickly. On that point, at least, the court agreed, and it now appears that the case will be argued in April and decided by the end of June.


As is their custom, the justices gave no reasons for agreeing to hear the case, United States v. Texas, No. 15-674.

The court did broaden the scope of the case, asking the parties to address an additional and fundamental question: whether the administration’s plan violates the constitutional command that the president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”


President Obama wanted this case to be decided by the Supreme Court because they have a very good chance of the case being decided in their favor. The lower court decisions have been made conservative judicial activists, with a definite political agenda.

The combination of Bush-appointed justices who favor federal executive power and the liberal minority will provide the Obama administration with a good chance of winning the case.

Immigration activists are cheering the court’s decision to take the case. Cristóbal Alex, Latino Victory Fund president, said in a statement, “Today’s victory is a milestone in our fight for the rights of millions of families who will finally get their day in court. We commend the Supreme Court for taking this case and call on them to do the right thing, restore the rule of law and unfreeze DAPA and the expansion of DACA – it will benefit our economy and bring peace and stability to the homes of millions of hard-working mixed-status families.”

The Obama administration got both the case taken and the quick decision that they wanted.

If the Supreme Court rules for the President, immigration will become a central issue in the 2016 presidential campaign. Polling shows that Republicans are on the wrong side of the immigration debate, and the last thing that the GOP wants is for an issue that has divided and tormented their party for decades to take center stage in the presidential campaign.

President Obama got what he wanted, and by summer, his immigration executive action may be fully implemented.