Democrats Expose Republican Cowards As Senate GOP Refuses To Vote On Trump Muslim Ban



Senate Democrats challenged Republicans to vote on Donald Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims from the United States. Republicans refused, so Democrats blocked a GOP bill that would have killed the Syrian refugee program.

Video of the Sens. Reid and Durban calling out the Republicans:


Sen. Reid offered to work with Majority Leader McConnell if Republicans would allow a vote on Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from the US. McConnell turned down Reid’s offer, so Democrats blocked the Syrian refugee bill by a vote of 55-43.

Reid explained why the Democrats blocked the bill:

Democrats stood ready to have a serious national security debate if Republicans would have allowed Democrats to hold votes on key national security issues including closing the terrorist gun loophole, funding for local and federal anti-terrorism efforts and voting down Trump’s proposal to impose a religious test on immigration to the United States. But Republicans would rather see their bill fail than take four simple amendment votes. Democrats will seek future opportunities to vote on these important issues.

As written, this Republican refugee bill cannot be signed into law. It is a step in the wrong direction – the direction of Donald Trump. I’m disappointed that the Republican leader broke his word in an attempt to bring up this failed legislation.

Assistant Minority Leader Sen. Dick Durban (D-IL) said, “We have given them an alternative. Amendments that address real issues. They are so smitten by the Republican presidential candidates. They can’t wait to bring the Syrian refugee bill to the floor. But when we offer them a chance to vote on another statement by a Republican presidential candidate, they run like scalded cats.”

Senate Democrats challenged Republicans to support Donald Trump with a vote, and they would not do it. Senate Republicans want the extremists who vote for Trump to support them, but they don’t want to be associated with the Republican front runner’s racist views. In other words, when Republicans were faced with a vote that would have put their support for Trump’s racism on record they turned yellow and ran away as fast as their feet could carry them.

In a few months, Republicans may find themselves stuck with a nominee that few of them want to be seen with. Democrats are already using Trump to their advantage, as it is becoming easy to see how a Trump nomination will hand the Senate back to the Democrats in November.