Donald Trump Self Destructs And Retweets Support From White Nationalist


Donald Trump is making his racist platform obvious to one and all by retweeting a supportive tweet from a white nationalist.

Here’s the tweet:

The tweeter goes by the handle WhiteGenocideTM and lists his location on his profile as “Jewmerica,” and features a banner on his account that states, “Get The F**k Out Of My Country.” The user’s profile picture is George Lincoln Rockwell, who was the founder of the American Nazi Party, and it also contains a link to documentaries that defend Adolph Hitler.

This may be the most obvious racist in the United States, and here is Donald Trump happily retweeting his tweets. If any other candidate did this, the media would be outraged. However, the corporate press has convinced themselves that Trump is their 2016 meal ticket, so they will turn a blind eye and look the other way while the Republican front runner embraces the support of a white nationalist.

Donald Trump is running a campaign that is fueled by racism and bigotry. His Make America Great slogan has always implied that the country stopped being great after it elected a black man to the White House.

Trump plans to make America great again by putting a white guy back in charge. His plans to ban Muslims and deport 11 million Mexican immigrants is a dream come true for America’s racists.

The media won’t acknowledge it, and you can forget about Trump ever being challenged about his racism in the Republican debates, but it is often that you can best judge a person by the company that they keep.

If this is true, then Donald Trump should be disqualified from ever being president.