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Donald Trump Drops the Reagan Bomb: Says He Has Evolved Like Reagan

It is instructive that Donald Trump doesn’t know what a conservative is, yet he says he has “evolved on many issues” like Ronald Reagan.

Trump, appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday, in explaining his failure as a “consistent conservative” said that, “Well, usually, I just evoke the name Ronald Reagan.”

Of course you do, just like all Republicans who lie on a regular basis about Ronald Reagan and what he actually stood for.

Even assuming it has some bearing on the discussion, doesn’t that require an understanding of what, precisely, a conservative is?

According to Trump:

“I mean, Ronald Reagan was a fairly liberal Democrat and he evolved over years and he became more and more conservative. And he was not a very conservative person, but he was pretty conservative and he ended up being a great president.”

Okay, Reagan was “not a very conservative person but he was pretty conservative”? What exactly does THAT mean? It’s anybody’s guess. Trump doesn’t know, that’s for certain. It’s almost as though now with Palin’s endorsement, he is himself becoming Palin-like in his speech.

What leads to Trump saying he is, in essence, like another famous ‘evolver,’ Barack Obama:

“I have evolved on many issues. There are some issues that are very much the same, I’ve been constant on many issues. But I have evolved on certain issues.”

Because, you know, he “evolved through experience and through as you grow older, you see things and you watch things and you study things.”

Yes, that is very Palinesque. No one is certain what Trump (or Palin) is seeing, of course. What is certain is that nobody but his fanboys and fangirls are seeing it.

We all remember, I am sure, the abuse President Obama took for “evolving” on issues. Apparently, Trump can evolve; Obama cannot. Trump can evolve; Hillary Clinton cannot; Bernie Sanders cannot.

What sort of world does Trump inhabit? One, apparently, where he is one of the worst presidents in American history:

“But Ronald Reagan was the exact same thing, he was actually much more liberal than I was. He was fairly liberal as a Democrat, a lot of people don’t know that. And he became a fairly conservative person, but he did become a great president.”

So of course, Ted Cruz has been quick to insist Trump is no Ronald Reagan.

“Ronald Reagan did not spend the first 60 years of his life supporting Democratic politicians, advocating for big government, supporting things like the TARP big bank bailouts, supporting things like expanding Obamacare to turn it into socialized medicine. That’s not what Ronald Reagan did.”

Reagan also, it might be noted, didn’t talk about shooting people down in the street. It might also be noted here that whatever Glen Beck claims, Ted Cruz is no George Washington.

But Cruz is wrong about Reagan. Reagan loved big government and he grew our own. And even Reagan realized in the end that Reaganomics didn’t work. Even if they are like Reagan – or at least like Reagan was before he evolved again, we don’t want that.

The truth is, Trump is more like Reagan than Cruz is like Washington, but perhaps even more like Palin in his irrational, reckless hate, which is not good news for America.

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