Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans With A Presidential Performance At CNN Town Hall

Hillary Clinton CNN Town Hall

Republicans should be very afraid because Hillary Clinton delivered nothing less than a presidential performance at the CNN Democratic Town Hall.

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Hillary Clinton took aim at Republicans while calling on Democrats to build on the progress that has come during President Obama’s time in office. Clinton took a shot at Trump and said it’s a great country no matter what one of the Republican candidates says. She blasted Republicans, “The other side is not talking issues. They’re talking insults.”

Clinton was asked about young people being enthused about Bernie Sanders. She said that she is happy that people are engaged no matter who they support, and kept the focus on Democrats beating Republicans in November. Clinton told the young questioner that she had been fighting for change and progress since she was his age. She talked about how she fought for universal health care in 1993 and 1994. She said, “You’ve got to keep going. Never give up.” She told young people not get discouraged with politics and to keep going.

Former Sec. Clinton was asked how voters can be sure that income inequality will be a top priority for her. She talked about her decades of fighting for equality in all areas. She said, “I have a really long history of taking on all inequality.” One thing that is becoming clear is a lot of younger voters might not be familiar with Clinton and her record.

Her next question was a foreign policy question that asked where she stood on a scale from 1-10 on military intervention. She said that she thinks it is imperative to avoid military action, which should only be used as a last resort, not a first choice. Clinton repeated her promise of no American ground forces in Syria and Iraq. Speaking of Iraq, Clinton said that he has more of record of judgement than one vote on the war in Iraq. She repeated for roughly the billionth time that her vote for the Iraq war was a mistake.

Clinton brought up the great point that we had a terrorist threat long before President Obama came into office. (We had a terrorist threat on 9/11). Her mention of 9/11 was a suggestion that George W. Bush dropped the ball on keeping America safe.

In contrast to the hate on the Republican side, Clinton got a question for an American-Muslim veteran. She answered by unloading on Trump for insulting, demeaning, and denigrating people. Clinton strongly defended American-Muslims from Trump’s shameful and dangerous approach. She said that we can’t tolerate this, and we must stand up and say that every person in this country deserves to be treated with respect.

Clinton was asked what she will say to Republican voters after she is elected president. Hillary Clinton said that she wants to be the president for all Americans and that she will tell Republicans that we must come together to solve the nation’s problems.

Former Sec. Clinton got a Benghazi question, and she said Benghazi is only an issue because Republicans want to keep it an issue. She pointed out that there have been eight investigations, most of them by Republicans. Clinton said that it makes her sad because Republicans have made the attack in Benghazi a partisan issue.

Clinton was played Bernie Sanders’ America ad. She responded that she loved it. Clinton said that you in campaign poetry and govern in prose. She said we need more poetry like the Sanders ad.

Former Sec. Clinton was asked which former president inspired her most, and she answered Abraham Lincoln.

Hillary Clinton’s performance at the CNN Town Hall was nothing less than presidential level. Clinton was intelligent, passionate, and it was clear that there is not another candidate in this race that possesses her level of knowledge.

Hillary Clinton looked and sounded like a president. If Bernie Sanders doesn’t beat Clinton, Republicans are going to face long odds in the general election. Hillary Clinton was very impressive.

It doesn’t matter which Democratic candidate voters support. The big takeaway is that Democrats are in much better shape than the Republicans.

After this town hall, Republicans should be very, very afraid.