Hillary Clinton Turns Up The Heat On The DNC To Officially Sanction New Hampshire Debate


Hillary Clinton is turning up the heat on the DNC by demanding that the make the debate scheduled for next week in New Hampshire and official Democratic debate.


During an interview that with Chris Matthews that will air on Hardball, Clinton said:

What I’ve said to my campaign is that I would look forward to another debate. I am, you know, anxious, if we can get something set up, to be able to be there. And so let’s try to make it happen.


I would like the chairman of the party and the campaigns to agree that we can debate in New Hampshire next week. That is what I’m hoping will happen.

Former Sec. Clinton is trailing in New Hampshire, so it is logical that she would love to see a debate before the nation’s first primary.

Immediately after the debate was announced, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz tweeted that the event in New Hampshire was not an officially sanctioned debate:

The DNC doesn’t have much of a choice. They can stomp their feet, and moan and groan, but it sounds like all of the Democratic presidential candidates will be showing up in New Hampshire for this debate. If Hillary Clinton is on board, then it is a done deal.

Democratic voters deserve a primetime debate on a weeknight. The voters have been mistreated by the sanctioned debate schedule. If the DNC won’t allow debates, there is absolutely nothing stopping the cable networks and the candidates from holding their own debates all across the country.

Hillary Clinton is in, so the best move for the DNC is to sanction the debate and give Democratic voters what they have been demanding.