Tell CNN And MSNBC Not To Televise Donald Trump’s Exploitation Of Veterans


Donald Trump has disguised his counterprogramming to the Fox News Republican debate as a fundraiser for veterans, but viewers must demand that CNN and MSNBC not televise Trump’s publicity stunt that will exploit the nation’s vets.

After Trump decided to take his ball and go home because Fox News refused to dump Megyn Kelly as a debate moderator, he hastily threw together a “fundraiser” for veterans at Drake University in an attempt to counterprogram against the Fox News Republican debate. The problem is that nobody knows exactly who Trump is raising the money for. The Trump campaign has mentioned the Wounded Warrior Project, but that organization has come under new scrutiny for potentially wasting 40% of all donated funds.

The truth is that Trump’s event tonight with GOP primary bottom feeders Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum also attending appears to be using veterans as a pretense for a Trump publicity stunt.
Sign our petition telling MSNBC and CNN not to televise Trump’s exploitation of vets.

CNN has offered a classic denial/non-denial response when asked if they will be televising Trump. CNN claims that they will be airing regular programming, but they did not say that they won’t be showing Trump within those programs.

Trump seems to think that CNN will be covering his fundraiser:

MSNBC has also not denied that they will be carrying Trump.

It is unacceptable for CNN and MSNBC to give Trump more free publicity and a platform to exploit the nation’s vets.
The nation’s viewers must stand up and say no to more Trump on cable television.

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