An Unhinged Trump Goes On Deranged Rant At Disastrous Sham Fundraiser For Vets

trump vets rally

Donald Trump skipped the Republican debate on Fox News and offered nothing more than a rambling unhinged rant about how much money he and his rich friends raised for vets.

Trump claimed that he skipped the Fox News debate because he was sticking up for himself and that the nation needs a president that will stick up for the country. Trump began with a total ego stroke about how Fox News apologized to him and tried to get him to attend the debate.

Trump later touted the $5 million that was raised “for the vets.” He then went on a rant about great his rich friends are and admitted that the vast majority of the money raised came from himself and a few of his rich friends. His website “for the vets” has only raised $500,000.

Donald Trump later rambled on about trade deficits and brought up one of his rich buddies who he claimed that he was going to put in charge of trade for the country. Trump said, “My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy, I wanted to grab all the money that I could. Now I want to be greedy for the United States.”

The rally was a joke and did not focus on vets. The event was all about Donald Trump and his ego. It is and understatement to suggest that Trump made a mistake by skipping the debate. His rally for vets was an unmitigated disaster.

Trump will survive this debacle because the Republican Party is that screwed up, but he did himself no favors with a sham event for vets.

Update: After an hour of Trump self-ego stroking, he finally brought out vet John Wayne Walding to say a few words. This “fundraiser” has been a complete disgrace. The crowd has been ground to dust by another Trump fiasco.