Bernie Sanders Terrifies Wall Street By Exposing The Top 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers


Bernie Sanders is making Big Business shudder by using his platform as a presidential candidate to expose the top 10 biggest tax dodgers in the United States

Here are the top 10 corporate tax dodgers via Citizens for Tax Justice:

1. General Electric

2. Boeing

3. Verizon

4. Bank of America

5. Citigroup

6. Pfizer

7. FedEx

8. Honeywell

9. Merck

10. Corning

During a town meeting at Iowa Wesleyan University, Sanders said, “Three major profitable corporations not only pay nothing in federal income taxes, they actually got a rebate from the IRS. In America today we are losing $100 billion in revenue every single year because large corporations are stashing their profits in the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens.”

Sanders is terrifying Wall Street and corporate America with a tax plan that would end a rule allowing American corporations to defer paying federal income taxes on profits of offshore subsidiaries, prevent corporations from avoiding U.S. taxes by claiming to be a foreign company through the establishment of a post office box in a tax-haven country, eliminate tax breaks for big oil, gas, and coal companies, stop American companies from avoiding U.S. taxes through corporate inversions, and close loopholes that allow U.S. corporations to artificially inflate or accelerate foreign tax credits.

Bernie Sanders is doing something that no other candidate has done. He is using his national platform to call out the biggest corporate tax dodgers in the country. The issue of big corporate tax avoidance is one that impacts every American. Every dollar that a big corporation gets out of paying is another road or bridge that doesn’t get repaired. Fewer tax dollars mean poorer public services.

The burden of the taxes that these corporate giants aren’t paying is being passed on to hardworking Americans who are struggling to keep the bills paid and food on the table. The Sanders tax plan is a big reason Bernie Sanders frightens Wall Street and corporate America.

Sanders is calling attention to the unfairness and inequalities of our economic system. Beyond a presidential election, Sen. Sanders is waking people up. As his message spreads, millions of people are demanding a government that works for them, not the corporations.

Bernie Sanders is the worst nightmare of Wall Street and corporate America. He is talking about things that the corporate media won’t cover. Sanders is spreading a message that the tax dodgers don’t want you to hear. Bernie Sanders is a one-man wrecking crew who is on a mission to make government work for the people instead of the corporations.

The corporate giants will never say it, but they are afraid of Bernie Sanders.

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