Oregon Occupiers Whine They Are Treated Worse than Ferguson Protesters

What has become increasingly apparent is that as they strive to take your rights away, to bully you, abuse you, and even leave you for dead, sometimes not metaphorically, conservatives are whiners.

BIG whiners. In Trump’s case, HUGE whiners. So sad.

And it’s not only the politicians and fake Christians, but the big tough patriot militia types, like the burly, bearded white guys with guns in Oregon who think unarmed black protesters in Ferguson who were tear-gassed and shot at with bean bags were better treated than they are.

These “patriots” break the law, threaten people, encourage violence, and then complain about the consequences.

One insurrectionist actually complained,

“It feels unfair because a lot of those rioters in Ferguson, they went to the riots with intentions of robbing and burning down cities and everybody here came with intentions of thinking it’s a peaceful revolution.”

He insisted, “everybody brought guns I guess as self defense measures.” Right you did.

Most of the people in Ferguson were peaceful and not intent on robbing or burning. They were justly upset that an unarmed young black man was gunned down in the middle of the street by police for the crime of being black.

Just as conservatives are stunned that anyone would get in trouble for making fake videos about Planned Parenthood accusing the organizing of buying and selling fetus parts while themselves trying to buy fetus parts, they are stunned that they would get in trouble for seizing federal property, intimidating federal agents, and damaging what our tax dollars paid for.

They got equally irate when people responded to their lawbreaking by mocking them. You might remember the epic rant of Jon Ritzheimer who whined that people sent the brave patriots “a bag of dicks.”

That’s right: the brave would-be patriots of ’76 are whining that people don’t like them much, that “rather than doing good” – you know, stealing federal property and wasting taxpayer dollars – people “spend all their money on hate, and hate, and hate, and hate.”

I guess it’s true then: nobody sent the Ferguson protesters bags of dicks. Life is so hard when you’re white and, well – a dick.

And what’s he whining about anyway? As Cenk Uygur asked, who takes over a federal building with guns and then gets mail delivered by the federal government?

Stealing property is a heckuva way to champion property rights. Apparently it makes more sense to spend all your money on guns than dicks. And Ritzheimer wants us to believe he doesn’t “hate, and hate, and hate” the government?

They whine that LaVoy Finicum was gunned down by police and unarmed. The video released by the FBI shows Finicum was not trying to surrender, but rather going – twice – for the gun at his waist.

In photographs taken of the occupation, you can see his gun at his waist – the Cowboy gun of choice, a Colt .45. At the time of his death, the FBI says Finicum had a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun in his jacket pocket.

Yet Oregon assemblywoman Shelly Shelton out Fiore’d Michele Fiore by comparing Finicum to Jesus.

Even after the FBI footage was released to the public – so we could see for ourselves Finicum reaching for his gun – the group’s Facebook page posted a photo completely misrepresenting the facts:


Here is Finicum actually reaching for his gun, the image the domestic terrorists won’t share with you:


How is it he was suddenly unarmed? Are we supposed to believe he was reaching across his body to scratch a sudden itch? Here conservative relativism rears its ugly head again: They make excuses for being armed for self-defense and then pretend they aren’t armed when the fact of those guns is inconvenient.

How is it black kids who don’t even have a gun are shot down by the police – in the back – and yet these brave patriots are being worse treated?

As The Washington Post reported, these people came “armed with AR-15 assault rifles, shotguns, pistols and knives” – and as it turned out, explosives.

It is difficult to portray yourself as a victim when you come armed for war. And after all, it was the so-called patriots who seized property that did not belong to them; As Uyger so eloquently explained on Thursday, “You stole, sh*t, you criminal, you thug!”

Thugs who was serenaded by a family gospel band. Yes, times are hard at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

Who in their right mind is going to believe these gun-toting terrorists aren’t armed – and then whine on their Facebook page, “Tonight peaceful patriots were attacked on a remote road for supporting the Constitution. One was killed. Who are the terrorists?”

Peaceful patriots? Does reality have any meaning at all anymore? Apparently not. The now-dead Finicum had admitted the occupation was not a defensive measure, but offensive – a “step forward” as he termed it. Finicum tried to escape arrest by driving past a roadblock. How was he being terrorized?

B.J. Soper of the Pacific Patriots Network whined of the recent arrests, “I think this is going to galvanize people’s concerns that the government is taking actions that it’s not supposed to.”

In what universe is the government not doing what its supposed to do by arresting lawbreakers? Soper claimed “Our government should be ashamed of itself” – not, significantly, the people who illegally seized what didn’t belong to them while armed with guns and explosives.

The very idea that these white men and women with guns are somehow victims is absurd. Ask anyone in Ferguson.

Whiners don’t launch revolutions. Whiners don’t bring change. A bunch of conservative men and women armed not only with guns but with white privilege who just want stuff that doesn’t belong to them can’t launch a revolution. We don’t call that a revolution. We call it a felony.