Donald Trump Is A Loser After Ted Cruz Wins The Iowa Republican Caucus

First In The Nation Republican Leadership Summit Held In New Hampshire

The myth of Donald Trump has been completely shattered after Ted Cruz led virtually wire to wire and beat Trump in the Republican Iowa caucuses.

Donald Trump has been pushing a myth of invincibility for months. Trump promised his supporters that they would win so often that they get sick of winning. The reality is that Donald Trump didn’t build the campaign structure that he needed to win a caucus.

It turns out that national television interviews being delivered by phone from his office aren’t enough to get people out to the caucuses. Trump has sold himself as a superhero to Republican voters, but the reality is that there has been little regarding campaign organization behind the cult of personality and bluster.

Donald Trump has become the thing that he hates the most. The voters of Iowa have turned Trump into a loser.

In November 2015, Trump called the voters of Iowa stupid, “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?” Apparently the voters of Iowa aren’t stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump could be paying the price for skipping the debate in Iowa, but what is more likely to have occurred is that the heavy evangelical turnout helped Ted Cruz.

Trump is a loser. How does a loser campaign on being a winner? The celebrity bubble has burst. The writing was on the wall with the declining debate ratings when Trump participated. The fad might be ending, as Donald Trump has been soundly defeated by Ted Cruz.