Hillary Clinton Delivers A Non-Victory Victory Speech In Iowa


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Hillary Clinton delivered a speech that sounded like a victory speech, but she never declared victory in her speech after the Iowa caucuses.

Clinton’s speech was a fiery one where she promised that a unified Democratic Party would win the White House and expand on the gains of the Obama years.

Hillary Clinton sounded like a winner, but she intentionally avoided declaring victory. Clinton said that she was breathing a sigh of relief, which is a hint that she thinks she won, but she never went as far as the rest of her campaign in declaring victory.

Former Sec. of State Clinton delivered her usual good speech. She drew a contrast with Republicans and focused on the big picture of winning in November, but there was a sense of strangeness about the speech that was caused by the campaign’s decision to declare victory an hour or so earlier.

Coming out of Iowa, two things are going to be remembered. The Clinton campaign’s declaration of victory and the closeness of the results.

Hillary Clinton’s speech was a victory speech, minus the mention of victory. The Democratic caucus has been exciting, and the best news of all is that Clinton and Sanders will get to square off at a debate in New Hampshire in roughly three days.

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