Martin O’Malley To Drop Out Of The Race For The Democratic Nomination

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The struggling and underfunded campaign of Martin O’Malley will come to an end tonight as the former governor of Maryland will announce that he is suspending his campaign.

O’Malley has had a miserable showing in the Iowa caucuses with only 0.6% support, and he has $200,000 left in his campaign account. Martin O’Malley’s campaign died the day that Bernie Sanders joined the race for the Democratic nomination. The O’Malley team appeared to be caught by surprise by the quick rise of Sen. Sanders, and they never recovered.

Former Gov. O’Malley had been performing better in the most recent Democratic debates, but 2016 wasn’t his year. O’Malley campaigned for years and laid the groundwork to be the alternative candidate to Hillary Clinton, but O’Malley never had the charisma or message that Bernie Sanders came out of the gate with.

Martin O’Malley tried to reinvent himself and his campaign, but it was clear that he was the third person in a two-person Democratic race. In another cycle, without the presence of a candidate like Sanders, O’Malley probably would have done better, but it wasn’t meant to be in 2016.

O’Malley could have a bright future as a cabinet member of a future Democratic administration or a career in media. It was only a matter of time for Martin O’Malley, and to the surprise of no one, a campaign that never really got off of the ground came to quiet end in Iowa.