Bernie Sanders Storms Morning Joe And Shows What Real Revolution Looks Like

Bernie Sanders called those who are fearmongering over his political revolution “pathetic” while explaining to MSNBC’s Morning Joe what revolution means to him.


Transcript via Morning Joe:

SCARBOROUGH: Talk about what you mean when you say revolution.

SANDERS: Good. This is what I mean, Joe. You’re absolutely right, and there are people who are doing that and I think that is pretty pathetic. What do I mean by a revolution? I will tell you, political revolution.

That is in the last election that we had in November 2014, do you know what, 63 percent of the American people didn’t vote. Eighty percent of young people didn’t vote. To my mind, what a political revolution means is a revitalization of American democracy.

You know what I think? I want to see America have one of the highest voter turnouts of any major country on Earth, not one of the lowest turnouts. And I think — I want to see people get involved in the political process, be thinking about the important issues, debating the important issues.

I want political consciousness to go up because I believe when that happens, when young people and working people become involved in the political process, it will not just be billionaires and wealthy campaign contributors who determine what’s happening in Washington. That’s the thrust of everything I’m talking about. That’s the political revolution, Joe.

Sanders was correct. The political revolution that he is talking about is a grassroots revitalization of American democracy. Many of the ideas on the Sanders platform are linked. To give political power back to the people at a grassroots level, Citizens United must be overturned.

Political consciousness is higher in societies where people have good jobs and don’t have to worry about basics like having healthcare. The political revolution is a movement to take power away from the corporations and billionaires and give it back to ordinary citizens.

There is nothing to fear in the Sanders concept of political revolution, because what the Senator from Vermont is talking about is a return to grassroots democracy. The Sanders message has penetrated so deeply that he is talking revolution on the Beltway bastion of establishment DC thinking on morning cable news.

It is a sign of how deeply Sanders message is penetrating into the political psyche of the country when Bernie Sanders is talking political revolution on DC establishment fav, Morning Joe.