Republican Fear Grows After Hillary Clinton Sounds Like A President At CNN NH Town Hall

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton struck fear in the heart of every Republican from Paul Ryan to the Koch brothers after sounding like a president at the CNN New Hampshire town hall.

Hillary Clinton praised Sen. Sanders for running a campaign about ideas instead of insults.

Clinton dropped the hammer on the real progressive argument by pointing out that the litmus test that the Sanders campaign uses would mean that President Obama wouldn’t be a progressive and Vice President Biden wouldn’t be a progressive. On the topic of young people supporting her, Clinton said, “They don’t have to be for me, but they need to know that I will be for them.”

Anderson Cooper asked what was wrong with a political revolution, and she talked about the goal of universal care and said that she doesn’t agree with Sen. Sanders that we need to start all over again. She pointed out that we are at 90% coverage, and it will be easier to get to 100% than it will be to start all over again.

Former Sec. Clinton was asked about appointing Supreme Court justices. She said that she has a litmus test, and that is to appoint justices who know how the real world works. She said that the Supreme Court has a view that she fundamentally disagreed with. Clinton pointed to the gutting of the Voting Rights Act and Citizens United. Clinton continued that she is looking for people who are rooted in the real world who understand the balance of power.

Clinton was asked about respectfully advancing the conversation on end of life decisions. She said that it was the first time that she had been asked that question. She said honestly that she doesn’t have an easy or glib answer, but she would like to immerse herself in the issue, and said that we all need to do some thinking about this critical question.

The next questioner asked former Sec. Clinton if she could promise not to expand US military involvement abroad. She honestly answered that she couldn’t, but said that she would do everything she possibly could do avoid sending Americans troops abroad and expanding military action. She said no troops in Iraq or Syria, but that she couldn’t honestly promise that there would never be a circumstance where she would not use the military. Clinton promised to be a very careful and deliberate decision maker because she understands what’s at stake. She also promised to be open and transparent with her deliberations.

On a question about every American being required to register for the Selective Service when they turn 18, Clinton suggested that every American be automatically registered to vote at age 18.

She was asked what she learned from her Iraq war vote. Clinton owned her mistake. She said that Bush said that he wanted the vote to use as leverage to prevent war, but instead he used the vote to launch the invasion.

Clinton was asked how she would defend herself from right-wing attacks. She said that she’s had a lot of experience, and she can laugh, but it is not easy. Clinton said that she had had to learn to take criticism seriously but not personally. She said there are lessons to be learned from criticism, but it can’t be taken personally. Clinton said that Republicans play for keeps. They play to destroy, and they have a history of going after people that they think they can’t stop. She said that the attacks were perversely flattering.

Clinton said she still believes in the vast right wing conspiracy. She said that they play for keeps and ease their minds by giving big gifts to philanthropy. She said that the right wing conspiracy is not a conspiracy anymore it out in the open, and it is going to take everybody working together to defeat them.

She discussed her faith in depth and stressed how she is grateful for being a human being and part of the universe. She talked about practicing the discipline of gratitude.

Later, Clinton said that Sen. Sanders target is too small. She argued that she wanted to go after all of the culprits. She said there were a lot of bad actors. She said there is a wider group that we need to go after from shadow banking to pharmaceutical companies that are undermining the economy. Clinton defended her speeches to Goldman Sachs in a way that drew laughter from the audience.

Hillary Clinton may lose New Hampshire, but she is the only candidate in either field that looks, sounds, and acts like an experienced president. Republicans should be very nervous about Clinton. She delivered a dose of honesty and was well connected to the audience.

She made it clear that she already has a plan for Supreme Court appointments, and is more than prepared to take on the attacks that Republicans and the right will use against her if she becomes the nominee and wins the White House.

Clinton’s hurdle has always been the Democratic primary. She and her campaign are built to win a general election. Republicans have no candidate that is her equivalent, which is why they are spending all of their time creating distractions and scandals.

Republicans have been underestimating both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. It is impossible to believe that they would underestimate Hillary Clinton. If she wins the nomination, Clinton will be primed and ready to run over the Republican Party.

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