Rachel Maddow Explains Why She Thinks Bernie Sanders Won’t Win

In an interview with Playboy, MSNBC host and Democratic debate co-moderator Rachel Maddow explained why in her view Bernie Sanders is a populist hero who won’t win the Democratic nomination.

Q: Can you picture him being president?

Maddow: Bernie Sanders is running this fascinating campaign where he’s all about people being angry and dissatisfied and frustrated. He wants you to be disaffected and frustrated about an economic system that keeps you from ever ascending the ladder. That is a great emotion to tap into for a politician but a hard lesson to sell in terms of where people should channel it. If that message works for you, it’s cathartic. People love him. They really do feel the Bern. He gets tens of thousands of people to turn out, but that sort of economic populism is a tough sell. The diagnosis is right; the cure isn’t easy. My prediction for Bernie: populist hero forever but hard to imagine him still being there at the convention.

Rachel Maddow had lots of interesting points to make about both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the interview. She points out that where Sanders is underrated is that he is a fantastic politician. She also compliments Clinton on her intense concentration and depth of knowledge.

Maddow clearly is not pro or anti either Democratic candidate, but she did offer an objective analysis of the difficulties that have been historically faced by economically populistic candidates. The Sanders populism bears a resemblance to that of William Jennings Bryan. Maddow didn’t say that a Sanders win was impossible, or that it would never happen, just that it is tough to see Sanders as the nominee.

There is something deeply emotional about the Bernie Sanders campaign. Sanders is saying the thinks that ordinary Americans have been thinking for years, but he is also a definite underdog in the national race for the nomination. After New Hampshire, the road will become more difficult for Sanders.

It is easy to see why most people agree with Rachel Maddow that Bernie Sanders will always be a beloved figure on the left, but it is difficult to see him winning the nomination. As the electorate gets more diverse and the primaries are closer together, Bernie Sanders will be facing a tough task.

This is what Rachel Maddow sees, and it’s why she thinks that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.

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