Bombshell Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Winning The Hearts Of Democratic Voters

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows that Bernie Sanders has virtually erased Hillary Clinton’s national lead with Democratic voters. In the contest for the heart of the party, Sanders has swept Democrats off their feet.

According to Quinnipiac, “In the Democratic race nationwide, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has 44 percent, with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at 42 percent, and 11 percent undecided. This compares to a 61 – 30 percent Clinton lead in a December 22 survey by the independent Quinnipiac University Poll.”

Bernie Sanders has the highest favorability rating of any candidate in the poll at 44%, and a net positive approval rating of (+9). In contrast, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has an approval rating of 39% and an unfavorable rating of 56%. Clinton has a net negative approval rating of (-17).

In the general election matchups, Sanders runs stronger than Hillary Clinton. Sanders beats Trump 49% – 39%, Cruz 46% – 42%, and ties Rubio 43%-43%. Clinton beats Trump 46%-41%, ties Cruz 45%-45%, and trails Rubio 48%-41%.

The fact that Sanders has erased former Sec. of State Clinton’s national lead is the big headline, but beyond the numbers is the looming fact that Sen. Sanders is capturing the hearts of Democratic voters. Hillary Clinton has been making a very logical argument that she has the experience to get things done. However, Democratic voters are falling in love with the idea of revolution.

Increasingly, Democratic voters are tired of waiting for their policies to become law. After dealing with eight years of Republican obstruction, Democrats want action. What Bernie Sanders is promising is romantic, sweeping, change. Sanders is offering Democrats what they have been longing for in their hearts. Democrats want a more liberal society.

In the MSNBC debate, Clinton and Sanders talked about hearts versus minds. In truth, this election comes down to incrementalism versus revolution. Clinton is offering a very logical and realistic incremental path to change. Sanders is building the stuff of dreams with millions of voters turning out to take their country back via a political revolution.

Berne Sanders is pitching some serious woo at Democratic primary voters, and as the Quinnipiac poll showed, they are smitten with the idea populist revolution. The pundit types have gotten it wrong. Democratic voters aren’t angry. They are tired of being pushed around by obstructionist Republicans.

More and more Democratic voters are falling in love with Bernie Sanders and dream of a populist political revolution.