Friday Fox Follies – It’s Megyn’s World, We Just Live In It

Celebrating a dubious anniversary this week, FOX News Channel announced 20 years ago. Adweek would like to tell you How a ‘Half-Baked Little Operation’ Turned Into a Billion Dollar News Channel, but nothing was said about #FoxLies.

Whenever I point to a lack of honesty at Fox “News” people respond with, “But…but…but, RATINGS!” as if that’s analogous. Adweek is no different, rejoicing that January 2016 Ratings: Fox News No. 1 For 14 Years, which only proves that P.T. Barnum was right all along.

They’re no Bob & Ray, but here’s how jokesters Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes announced it 20 years ago. WATCH:

But note, nothing was said 20 years ago about using racism, xenophobia, and fear to divide the country. However, make no mistake, Fox “News” puts the phobia in Islamophobia:

Fox Hypes Islamophobic Fears About Michigan’s Muslim-Majority City • Fox ‘News’ Fearmongers Over First US Majority Muslim CityFox And Friends Bashes President Obama For Visiting MosqueOn Fox, Zuhdi Jasser Claims Obama’s Mosque Visit Is “A Political Prop”Herman Cain And Fox Slam Obama’s First US Mosque Visit As ‘Kissy-Kissy With The Muslim Brotherhood’Antonio Sabato Jr Attacks President Obama Over Mosque Visit: He’s ‘Not A True Christian’Fox Guest Suggests Obama Is Promoting Terrorism By Visiting Baltimore MosqueRight-Wing Media Smear Mosque Before Obama’s Visit

The worst’o’the week is Fox Contributor On Obama’s First Visit To A US Mosque: He May Be Purposefully Visiting One With “Ties To A More Extreme Form Of Islam.” Read along as you watch:

PETE HEGSETH: It appears [the White House] chose this mosque on purpose. For one of two reasons — they have got to know, it has ties to a more extreme form of Islam or at least a more fundamentalist form. But it also could be that they say, we’re not going to see those distinctions. This White House is saying, it doesn’t matter, a mosque is a mosque, an imam is an imam. If they don’t have direct ties to terrorism, then we’re apart of showing that we’re an inclusive country. Of course we are. I appreciate the president’s desire and willingness to show, and Americans are pluralistic. They do embrace people of faith who do so in good faith. But in this particular case there are so many ties to political Islam, to the Muslim Brotherhood, to the desire to expand that funding extremist groups overseas. Imams who went out to other mosques that worked with radicals. It just sends all the wrong signals of the priorities for this White House.

ANNA KOOIMAN (CO-HOST): And quickly, is this an opportunity for the president to rally these groups and say let’s make a distinction between radical Islam and normal Islam?

HEGSETH: It should be. It could be. But that’s not what he’s going to do. He’s going to stand there and say, look at all these wonderful patriotic American Muslims who we should be embracing without looking at the political — again, the political ideology behind so much of that. Which is driven by a supremacist ideology, tied to extremists around the globe, funding it, supporting it, preaching it and harboring some those extremists’ ideologies.

Just as stunning as its naked Islamophobia is the purported news channel’s naked racism. However, the ever sly Fox usually allows its Black guests to make the most incendiary comments:

Fox Kicks Off Black History Month By Bashing Black Voters As ‘Slaves’ To The ‘Democrat’ PartyFox Guest: ‘Blacks Have Shown A Slavish Support For The Democrat Party’FNC Kicks Off Black History Month By Accusing African Americans Of Being Too Stupid To Vote RepublicanFox Guest: Black People Have ‘Slavish Support’ for DemocratsFox guest: Republicans shouldn’t ‘bother’ with blacks because they vote like Democratic slavesFox News Guest Sparks Outrage With Commentary On Blacks and Republicans


As FFF has pointed out previously, when the topic touches upon race — even tangentially — Fox “News” embarrasses itself. Furthermore, they’ve proven time and time again they have a hate-on for #BlackLivesMatter:

Black Lives Matter Activist Announces
Mayoral Run, Fox News Attacks

Fox Host: BLM Activist Running For
Baltimore Mayor Has ‘Only Proved
That He Could Burn Things Down’

That’s why #FoxLiesMatter!

BECK IS BACK: While Fox News personalities celebrate significant milestones, this reporter is celebrating 6.5 years writing Fox “News” criticism. I started in September of 2009 under the nom de troll Aunty Em Ericann writing all about Glenn Beck. He was the Whack Job of the Moment and I found his show funnier than a Henny Youngman routine. Eventually, I broke character to introduce myself to him at a book signing, but I digress.

That is to say I get nostalgic all over again when The Beckerhead pops back up on Fox “News” as if he has any credibility whatsoever.

Clearly, the only reason Megyn Kelly Hosts Glenn Bleck [sic], Fails To Ask About Reports That His “Media Empire Is Burning Down”  is to allow him to bash her nemesis. That and more: He bit the hand that used to feed him with an inconvenient truth, when Glenn Beck [said]: ‘If You Watch Fox, A Lot of Their Hosts Are Kissing Donald Trump’s Butt’. Funnier still, and without a hint of irony, Beck [says]: ‘A Circus Performer Is Turning the Conservatives Against One Another!’ because he’s backing Ted Cruz. No harsh pushback from Megyn Kelly [when] Guest [Glenn Beck] Goes On Anti-Obama/Anti-Muslim Screed, either

That crazy MoFo still makes me laugh, but I ain’t paying extra for that.

MEGYN MAKES MEGA MILLIONS: Hosting the Beckerhead was just one of the ways Megyn Kelly made the news this week. Worshippers of the truth were stunned when it was announced Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Making $10 Million+ HarperCollins Memoir Deal. Megyn Kelly Has a Book Deal, Thanks In Part to Donald Trump is how New York Magazine characterized it.

Of course Donald Trump’s presence in the political scene hasn’t hurt this whole ordeal. A source told Page Six that the Trump controversy during the GOP Debate season has “only helped increase interest” in Kelly. The Trump campaign has been interesting for most of America, but it’s proven particularly lucrative for one Megyn Kelly.

That Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Has Book Deal could be another bone of contention between her and The Falafel King, especially if it sells more than his Killing Journalism books. We’re already hearing that Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly Hate Each Other and that a Megyn Kelly & Bill O’Reilly Rivalry At Epic Level In Fight For Best Fox News Ratings. Even CNN Reports There’s A ‘Very Personal Feud’ Between Bill O’Reilly And Megyn Kelly.

However, it’s always worth pointing out that Kelly is not the straight anchor she’s purported to be:

Megyn Kelly’s Glowing Praise For
Marco Rubio: “You Are Very Smooth …
Your Remarks Last Night Were Amazing”

Megyn Kelly Allows GOP Pollster
Frank Luntz To Criticize An Anti-Rubio
Ad Without Disclosing Luntz’s Ties To Rubio

The fact that these are, essentially, anti-Trump segments goes unreported, but NewsHounds asks the musical question: Is Fox Starting To Make Marco Rubio Their Man For President? Even Breitbart has noticed The 5 Basic Questions Megyn Kelly Forgot to Ask Marco Rubio.

Slumming on the late night talk show circuit, she found a way to confound expectations with Megyn Kelly: Don’t Count Trump Out. Watch:

Whether that helps In Its Feud With Donald Trump, Fox News Makes Journalism A Low Priority, says NewsHounds, while Mediaite’s Concha: Trump’s Megyn Kelly Obsession Now at ‘Stage 5 Stalker Status.’

Clearly Kelly won that round As Debate Concession Shows, Wounded Trump Has Lost Leverage in Battle Against Fox News, while the Trumpless Debate Gives Fox News Its Second Highest-Rated Telecast Ever.

No matter what I think of her, I agree it’s ‘Straight-Up Misogyny’: Fox Panel Rips Trump, Supporters for Nasty Megyn Comments. You would too if you read some of the filth on comment threads like I have.

Now that Trump seems vulnerable, Dan Abrams [says]: Fox News Deserves Credit for Finally Telling Trump ‘Stop’ and even Fox Debate Moderator Chris Wallace Confronts Trump for Skipping: Did You Snub Voters?

Is it a case of piling on? One can only hope.

Despite these disses, Trump Assures Hannity: I’m Good With Fox News Again …until he isn’t again, of course. Confused, yet? You need not be after reading Donald Trump & Fox News: Timeline Of A Relationship.

But, we were talking about Kelly as Fox News Announces Details for Upcoming GOP Debate in March, and guess who will be one of the moderators again? Squaring off against Donald Trump again? Unless he turns chicken again?

Meanwhile, I’m hoping she can be deflated some this weekend because Megyn Kelly Will Appear on Colbert’s Live Post-Super Bowl Show. The Colbert Report made delicious fun of her in the past.

CLINTON CLASH: If Fox “News” is not bashing Muslims, Black folk, or President Obama, then they are attacking Hillary Clinton:

Fox’s Katie Pavlich: “I Guarantee You That Vladimir Putin And The Saudis” Find Clinton’s Voice “Grating”Sean Hannity Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Victory Speech As “Angry, Bitter, Screaming” • ‘She Shouts’: Woodward, Geraldo, Hannity Have a Problem With How Loud Hillary IsFox Resorts To Bogus “Voter Fraud” Claims To Downplay Clinton Caucus VictoryFox’s Tucker Carlson Falsely Claims “Information Is Never Retroactively Classified” To Smear Hillary ClintonFox Business Anchor Melissa Francis Complains That Bill Clinton ‘Running Around In The White House Again’ Has ‘An Icky Feel’Fox News Won’t Tell You Powell And Rice Were Sent Classified Emails Too

A special prize to the first person who spots a positive Hillary Clinton piece on the Fox “News” Channel.

DA BOSS TWEETS AGAIN: Speaking of which…

Murdoch Hints at White House’s ‘
Surprising Alternates’ if Hillary
Email Trouble Gets Worse

Conspiracy theory much?

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE: AKA, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Once again FFF is lauding Loofah Lad:

O’Reilly Brilliantly Smacks
Down Fox Faux Liberal’s Attack
On Obama’s Mosque Visit

♫ ♪ ♫ And then he goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid like… ♪ ♫ ♪

Bill O’Reilly Tries To Blame CNN For Cruz Campaign’s Alleged Dirty Trick On Ben CarsonO’Reilly Attacks Former Colleague, Bob Beckel, For Saying Megyn Kelly Has Better RatingsA discredited Bill O’Reilly lambastes CNN reporting on the Iowa caucusesO’Reilly: We Looked for a Reason to Have Santorum on the Show, But ‘Couldn’t Find Any’ • CNN Guests Pile on Bill O’Reilly for ‘Pathetic’ Treatment of TrumpO’Reilly Trashes CNN in Carson Report Fracas: They ‘Screwed Up’ and Don’t Care

Is anyone at Fox “News” as thin-skinned as Bill O’?


‘Godly’ Phil Robertson Accuses Obama Of Studying
The Constitution In Order To Circumvent It


Fox’s Brian Kilmeade baffles co-hosts:
‘I like my meat tight, tighten up my meat’


Fox Hosts Cheer Criminal Charges
For Mizzou Professor Who Threatened
Videographer, Ignore Threats From Fox’s Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros Attacks Bush Son, an
Afghanistan Vet, For Not Serving in Iraq

Andrea Tantaros Defies Critics and Logic,
Doubles Down on George P. Bush Attack

Fox Host Pressures National
Review Editor To Endorse Ted Cruz

TANTAROS: You and I both can agree that a Ted Cruz win is a win for conservatives. Will National Review endorse Ted Cruz?

RICH LOWRY: I think both Cruz and Rubio are really good choices.

TANTAROS: Well why haven’t you endorsed Cruz yet?

LOWRY: But let me try to agree with you on something, if I could. I don’t think [Donald] Trump should be the nominee. But I also think it would be a very bad result if after all this the party learns nothing from him. I think there are important lessons to be learned about the importance of immigration. Not just illegal immigration, but focusing on legal immigration and the economic impacts of continued increased low-skilled immigration and also playing to these blue collar, disaffected voters who have been drawn to Donald Trump. We need those people within the conservative tent and within the conservative coalition, and have to find better ways–

TANTAROS: Will you endorse Rubio, though? Because he has an Achilles heel on his position on immigration. So why hasn’t National Review endorsed Ted Cruz? And will you endorse Rubio? And if you do, aren’t you worried the conservatives will stay home?

Does this mean she’s not supporting Donald Trump?

FOX BYTES: An Exasperated Christie on Fox: ‘I Know You Guys Would Like to Have a Do-Over for Trump’Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Anti-Planned Parenthood Rhetoric Echoes Accused Planned Parenthood Shooter’s?Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Sees No ‘Legal Liability’ in Hillary EmailsFox Anchor Geraldo Rivera Says Ted Cruz Campaign May Be Guilty of a CrimeFox’s Cavuto to Kasich: You Really Think NYT Endorsement Helps You With GOP Voters?Fox’s Wingnut Pastor Jeffress Explains Why ‘Evangelical Pragmatists’ Support TrumpSteve Doocy Hosts Another Persecuted Christian Student Whinefest

Headly Westerfield was stunned, when he did the math, to realize he’s been writing Fox “News” criticism for a third of its existence.