Chris Christie Helps Democrats Win By Gutting Marco Rubio At ABC Republican Debate

Chris Christie obliterated the Republican establishment’s best chance of stopping Donald Trump and Ted Cruz during an ugly exchange at the ABC Republican presidential debate that had to leave Democrats smiling.


Things got ugly in a hurry between Chris Christie and Marco Rubio. Rubio was asked about his lack of experience and accomplishments that demonstrate that he is ready to be president. Rubio launched into a prepared talking point about Obama knowing exactly what he is doing with a systematic effort to change America.

Christie responded that being a governor is a different experience. Christie said that Rubio has not been involved in a single decision where he had to be held accountable. Christie called out Rubio for truancy and not showing up to vote. Christie said he likes Rubio, but he doesn’t have the experience to make these decisions.

Rubio blasted Christie for destroying New Jersey’s credit rating, then launched back into his talking point about Obama intentionally trying to change America. Christie responded and called Rubio out for using a memorized 25-second speech that was exactly what his advisers gave him. Rubio slammed Christie for having to be shamed into going back after the snow storm. Rubio launched into the Obama changing America talking point for a third time, and Christie said, “There it is again.”

Some in the audience began to boo Rubio when his talking point again. Christie said that Rubio has never been responsible for a decision a day in his life. The exchange was a disaster for Rubio as Christie exposed him as a preprogrammed robot who has no real answers.

Christie is kneecapping Rubio and blowing up the best change that the establishment of the Republican Party has to stop Cruz and Trump.

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